Living the curly life: or what it is like living with a beast (for

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.52.58 PMI’m proud, happy and excited to have been invited by to create a comic about curly hair :)

When they contacted me, they said they wanted a comic celebrating curls. That’s it. So I started thinking, and sketching and drawing, and next thing I knew, I had created over 65 images. Curls do that to me, you know :)

That avalanche of comics couldn’t fit on their website, so we agreed that I would post it in full on the blog.

You can see it on HERE  ;)

Hair is so much more than a simple matter of fashion. It defines us, it exposes us and tells our story of who we are and who we want to be.

I started my comic blog Tall N Curly to tell my story and by doing so, I realized I was telling the story of so many other women. Women who, just like me, want and need to be reminded that it’s OK, fun and special to be different and own who they are.

In this comic I created for, I wanted to show that learning to know, understand, accept and love a part of yourself — here, curly hair — is often like trying to tame something that appears to be external to yourself. I believe it’s only on the days when you have tamed the inner beast and finally released your self-conscious feelings that you will be able to fully embrace yourself … with a wink and a smile. ;)







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25tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 26tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 27tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 28tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 29tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 30tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 31tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 32tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 33tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 34tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 35tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 36tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 37tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 38tallncurly_livingthecurlylife






42tallncurly_livingthecurlylife 43tallncurly_livingthecurlylife




The story behind the story of my first illustrated novel

Watch the book trailer here!

What if someone told you that no matter what, no matter when, no matter where, you are not alone? That whatever you do, think, or say, someone is right there beside you, seeing and hearing it all? What if they could send you help at any time of the day? What if they could put obstacles in your way?
A long time ago, in India, a young girl discovered this incredible truth and her life changed forever.

Visit for more details!


The comic on HERE 

And here’s the one-piece comic if you’d rather share it in full (click twice to enlarge) :)

Tall N Curly - Living the curly life or what it is like living with a beast



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