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March 2013

Curly Kinky Hair Business : Tribute to the hair I once lost !

Today, I would like to talk to the curly little girls’ mothers out there. Especially the straight haired mothers who, for some mysterious genetic reason or less mysterious mixed love story, ended up with a little broccoli like me. Mothers who just can’t figure out how to take care of the jungle that’s growing on their daughters’ heads, mothers who sometimes feel like Indiana Jones trying to make their way through that jungle armed with a terrifying big brush, mothers who, from time to time, are thinking of taking out their SWORD to BRING THE JUNGLE DOWN.

Shorties ! Talk to me ! :D

Hello  ! So today, I would like to ask for the help of some ladies in the room :) I would like to draw a serie of comics that would include tall girls problems AND short girls problems. The thing is, as most of you may have noticed, I’m not short. Like, at all. Therefore I have absolutely no idea of what a short girl’s life is about ! THIS

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