Tall N Curly™

I'm tall. I'm curly. Some days I wish I was invisible. On other days ? Just watch me ! ;)

March 2013

Tribute to the hair I once lost !

Hello Tallies and Curlies ! Before starting with my post of the day, I just wanted to say that I’ve received so many messages from so many shorties I’m amazed ! AND I want to apologize for taking so much time to answer to each message I just didn’t expect so many stories ! :D Meanwhile I would like to say to the shorties who took the time to send

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Shorties ! Talk to me ! :D

Hello  ! So today, I would like to ask for the help of some ladies in the room :) I would like to draw a serie of comics that would include tall girls problems AND short girls problems. The thing is, as most of you may have noticed, I’m not short. Like, at all. Therefore I have absolutely no idea of what a short girl’s life is about ! THIS

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