Tall N Curly™

I draw comics about being a tall girl with curly hair to show girls who think they're too tall and girls who wished they had straight hair why they need to free themselves and how to love themselves just how they are :) I also speak about random women and life matters, as well as music, beauty and health. Welcome ! ;)

February 2013


Hello Tallies and Curlies ! :) Just a lil post to say that there will be watermarks on my comics from now on… And this pisses me off as watermarks are ugly, that’s why I had decided to only put a signature at the bottom of my comics. But as I’ve just received the zillionth – yes I love to exagerate – message telling me it was complicated to find

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Two e-cards for a Happy Valentine’s day !

One for the Curlies : “My curly valentine” One for the Tallies : “Size doesn’t matter” Dear Tallies and Curlies (and everybody else who is reading this !) The entire team of Tall N Curly.com (which means… myself) wants to wish you a beautiful, wonderful, cheerful and LOVEFUL Valentine’s Day :) Today – as they should every other day of the year – may all the hubbies of the world

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Meet Lydia :) I don’t know who she is, she was born last night and just wanted to say “hello” I guess ;)