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Curly Kinky Hair Business : Back to the future of curls

Over the past decades, curly hair went through many fashion styles and trends. Sometimes celebrated, at other times discredited, it went from its most natural state to chemical transformations of all kinds. Thankfully, nowadays, curly hair is back into fashion yaaay !

But now that we know everything about the past and present of curls, what about their future ??

The fancy tall women clothing store

Tall N Curly’s aunt comes back from a tall women clothing store with a bunch of clothes for her tall niece.

My Top 25 lesser-known Michael Jackson songs

So we all know Thriller, Wanna be startin’ somethin’ and Beat it, Billie Jean and Bad, Remember the time, Man in the mirror, Black or White and Smooth Criminal… but although most of true Michael’s fans know them, a lot of people never heard some amazing Michael songs that simply weren’t released as singles, some that remained unreleased for a long time or some that appeared on albums that were taken down by the press, preventing many people to enjoy beautiful, magical and often powerful songs like only Michael himself knew how to create.

Casting call for Tall Pregnant Women

Are you very tall and pregnant ? Do you expect to have a very tall baby ? Or are you concerned about what happens if you do ?

Cineflix Productions have been commissioned by Discovery to make a 6 part series on the subject of pregnancy.

They’re looking for mums-to-be from all over the world, who are juggling the usual excitement and anxiety of a typical pregnancy, with an unusual situation, a disability or medical condition.

A tall and curly girl’s life : losing it

As a tall and curly girl, I’m used to people asking me about my height and hair but somedays it feels like things turn into some huge conspiracy.

Welcome to the brand new tallncurly.com !

So ! As some of you may know, I started TallNCurly.com in november 2012. (I feel so historical right now)

In over a year and a half, I’ve been having lots of fun drawing and sharing tall girls and curly girls issues, as well as some random thoughts.
Reliving some of my biggest traumas over again and again while drawing these little comics have been a psychotherapy on its own.