Way below – Part 2 of my “I’m not having such a good time in school” series

For those who missed the first part and the reason why I’m doing this, you can click here and come back afterwards ;)

So here’s the third comic which, needless to say, also applies to adults of ALL AGES.

Tall N Curly - Way below

Although it may sound easy to say, nothing is more true than this.

There are two kinds of people who can try pulling you down: enemies and friends. In a word: anyone. Although a friend who’s trying to pull you down, needless to say, is not a friend at all.

Teenagers comparing themselves to others is normal. Teenage is a time for growing and as you grow, you’re trying to figure out who you are. Every human being can only truly grow and know who they are through the relations with others. The problem is that in school, all those “others” are not even finished yet.

Having anyone calling you names or mocking you while you’re trying to find answers about yourself can lead to having very low self-esteem. Having anyone minimizing you, your capacities, talents, features… name it, can also lead to having low self-esteem, and above all, it can prevent you from finding YOU and YOUR way, because you’re waiting for somebody else to define you.

The truth is, just as I said in Words and Cactuses, there’s nothing anyone will tell you that has ANYTHING to do with you (besides real sincere friends, those are easily recognizable: you feel GOOD about yourself when you’re with them).

ANYTIME someone tells you something negative about yourself, ask yourself what is that person’s motivation. If the answer does not include “That person loves me” and “Helping me” (as when your mom tells you you’re gonna end up a hobo if you don’t work harder in school) the truth is: that person has a low self-esteem and wants you to feel bad about yourself too. This is one of the most unchangeable truths in the universe. Anyone with good self-esteem will never feel threatened by you nor by your success. People with good self-esteem are happy, so in the best-case scenario, they want you to be happy too. In the worst? They don’t care about you at all and will never bother trying to pull you down.

And don’t let yourself be fooled: because someone acts like they own the world or they’re the coolest invention since Tupperware doesn’t mean A THING. Some of the most insecure persons will compensate in ways you can’t even imagine. But this I can’t prove to you right now. You’ll just have to trust me, until you find out yourself. And you will ;)



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