Tall girl / short(er) guy : love without measure

Learning to be a tall girl

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 months. Go.

Tall N Curly - Baby You were born 2 minutes ago but you’re already 22 inches long.

You’re thin as a rail so on every picture of your first day on Earth you look like a starving child from one of these sad TV commercials. But you don’t care.  You’re happy, you’re drooling and eating and sleeping is all that matters to you.

Tall N Curly - GirlBam. You’re 8 years old. You’re already taller than all your little friends at school but for some reason it doesn’t bother you. Yet.
You hate boys and being taller than all of them is very practical. They annoy and hit the other little girls, but they are afraid of you so they leave you in peace.

Bam. You’re 13. You’re at your first party and you think it’s gonna be the time of your life but the DJ decides to put slow music on for 30 minutes. While all your friends have been invited to dance by a boy, you’re sitting there alone, feeling sad, and awkward. There clearly is a problem here.

Tall N Curly - TeenagerBam. You’re 15 years old. You’re in love with Tom at school. He is super smart. Super funny. Super nice. Or was he until you heard him tell his friends at recess that he would rather bang his old history teacher Mrs. Hartwick than to date a girl taller than him. You’re screwed.

Bam. You’re 18. It’s been 3 years already since you started praying for a taller boyfriend. God seems to be busy because the only guy who’s interested in you is 5’5 and despite him being cute, intelligent, kind, gallant and funny, you don’t give a sh*t. He didn’t fill his quota of inches

Bam again. You’re 23. All of your friends want you to meet all the tall guys they encounter (click to read comic about it). And actually, you do too. Unfortunately height and intelligence are not correlated.
You keep on praying for the perfect man to come, but when he shows up you pull out your measuring tape and you go back home.
There you watch romantic movies and spend your time on the internet typing the names of actors you fantasize about to know if they are taller than you – just in case you would meet one someday.

Tall N Curly - A tall girl's life - Celebrities height


But you never meet Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling. All you meet is the 5’6 guy working at the coffee shop at the corner of your street who tells you every morning: “Come here mama come make me your toy boy”. You want to throw up your latte every single time.

And Bam.

Here It is.

Love with a Capital L.

Who would have figured the world would stop on the day you meet that amazing, smart, talented, genuine, sweet, funny, brave, perfect… whoops. Did I say perfect? Let’s take this back for a second. He’s not perfect, he’s shortER!!! By ONE INCH and a HALF!!!

Meeting the shorter version of your dream

I can’t walk in the street with him!

Tall N Curly - Tall girl Short (er) guy - Love with no measure

How difficult – or easy – is it for a tall girl to date a short(er) guy ?


No no no…!! I had said I wanted a TALLER MAN!!! What the hell??? Hey! God!!! That wasn’t the plan!!! Where are you??! Haven’t you received all my prayers??! God??! God!!!!!! God… but he’s PERFECT!!

But… what about spooning?

Tall N Curly - Tall girl Short (er) guy - Love with no measure
Oh well, you eventually learn to laugh about it. And it’s cool.

Oh you still have these moments when you try to imagine that he’s taller than you. Even if only for 30 seconds.

Tall N Curly - Tall girl Short (er) guy - Love with no measure


Tall N Curly - Tall girl Short (er) guy - Love with no measureBut in the end, it’s ALL GOOD.

Well yes ladies, my man is an inch AND A HALF shorter than me. He has been for many years and although I sometimes – secretly – wish they would, I don’t think things will change anytime soon. But who cares.

It took me a while to get over feeling like a football player (click to read my story) and dreaming of someone who would make me feel petite and delicate, but I’ve learned to have other priorities, like having someone who makes me feel loved and important.

When I look at the search engine terms in my stats, the ones some young girls typed before landing on my blog, you wouldn’t believe how many times I see things like “I’m too tall will I ever find a boyfriend” or “Do guys like very tall girls”.

I’m making no judgement, I’ve been there. But if only these young girls could walk in my shoes for only one second, they would stop worrying. Stop worrying!

Love knows no bounds, love knows no inches, love knows nothing but love. Love without a measuring tape. Love without measure.

Yes girls, love comes in all sizes. ;)


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