Braiding your own hair

It always happens doesn’t it? You wake up, you look at yourself in the mirror, and suddenly this amazingly bright idea pops into your head : today you want braids.

Not the let’s-take-an-appointment-at-the-hair-salon-next-week kind of braids. No. The right-now kind. The it-will-only-take-an-hour-or-so kind.

You’ve been through the whole thing before. Your brain knows that these braids don’t exist. But your heart doesn’t agree. Your heart passionately wants them now. So there you go : you start braiding your own hair.

Happily. Enthusiastically. Optimistically.

Tall N Curly starts braiding her own hair


The story behind the story of my first illustrated novel

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What if someone told you that no matter what, no matter when, no matter where, you are not alone? That whatever you do, think, or say, someone is right there beside you, seeing and hearing it all? What if they could send you help at any time of the day? What if they could put obstacles in your way?
A long time ago, in India, a young girl discovered this incredible truth and her life changed forever.

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