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Happy Father’s day

I drew this for Father’s Day but didn’t post it. So I may be late but here it is :)

Tall N Curly - Happy Father's Day - My dad

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“Happy Father’s day”
  • So sweet! And I laughed so hard with the mustache (same for my dad) and the riot thing was just an amazing idea!!!
    See your dad is right you’re genius ^^

  • I hesitated reading this at first because Father’s Day is a terrible time of year for me. (Hard to avoid all the Dads Are Awesome! stuff, esp when your dad wasn’t one of them.) But I’m glad I read this.

    It’s a beautiful tribute to your father and a part of me is happy for you (and a little jealous). Thanks for sharing.

    • :(

      I’m sorry to read this Candy…

      Yes I’m lucky to have a sweet and loving father.

      But then we all have our share of bad memories and difficult life experiences, and saying this I’m being 100% honest : I’m thankful for all the sh*t.

      I see tough experiences like some kind of special treatment sent from up above, perfectly orchestrated so that some people will learn to dig deeper, and if they’re strong enough to make it back to the surface, they come back with something they’ve found there, which is always strong and beautiful.

      I don’t know what it is you’ve been through and I sincerely wish you had a different experience with your own father, but I’m positively certain that the sensitive and purest part of yourself ows that to that experience too. And just like your twitter ID states, you just let it glow now. :)

      I remember your wrote a very kind and generous article about my blog once. I shared it on my FB page saying something about some people just being genuinely kind hearted enough to write nice things about somebody else and wishing them the best when they don’t even know them. People like this are not common. :)

      I hope your wounds will heal. <3

  • This is so cute!! I know your dad is proud of you and I’m sure he feels loved and appreciated :) Hope he (and you) had a GREAT Father’s Day!!

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