Amel Larrieux’s New album is out ! Ice Cream Everyday !

Tall N Curly - Amel Larrieux Ice Cream Everyday

I know I don’t usually post reviews, but I just cannot NOT mention that Amel Larrieux’s new album, Ice Cream Everyday, is finally OUT ! And she does have big long curly hair doesn’t she, so no wonder why I love her so much ;)

I’m no music critic, I’m a music lover, so I won’t spend 50 lines trying to explain how and why she and her husband Laru did it. The only thing worth remembering for me is that they DID IT ! AGAIN !

I’ve heard this woman was taught to sing by angels. She masters her voice like a virtuoso masters a violin or a piano. I’ve heard people say that she has a small/tiny voice. WTF does that mean. I don’t need a planet full of Mariah Careys and Beyoncés. Emotion and magic can be found anywhere, and I always find tons of it when I listen to one of Amel’s songs.

That album got me, like really got me, because it’s so different. It’s so free. No limits, no boundaries. They just let their imagination, inspiration and talent flow and made everything possible.

From the first seconds of the first song you know you’re gonna travel some place else, some place new, some place unique. They mixed sounds together in a manner I’ve never heard before. Electro/rock/soul/hip hop sounds all traveling and dancing together, each song is unique, soft, loud, weird, perfect… I simply LOVE IT.

And I just LOVE that with this album, once again, Amel Larrieux reminds us that she is FREE. No conventions. No rules. No business. Only music. And I thank her for that !

Adding to this the fact that she and her husband produce her albums themselves. There’s no Sony/Universal/Warner backing them up, they’re on their own and that only commands respect. :)

Some of my favorites here !

I do take


A Million Sapphires

Have you

You don’t see me

Trapped Being Human


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