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Tall N Curly’s one of NaturallyCurly’s 15 curly bloggers to watch !

blogger-badge-250x250Yaaay ! :) I’m in NaturallyCurly.com’s list of 15 curly bloggers to watch ! :D

Unbelievable… I was already reading their articles when I was a toddler…….!!! Haha. Ok. Exagerating a bit. I’m not that young. ;)

Well I’m very proud to be featured next to so many other amazing ladies who all work to help us curlies and kinkies and nappies to feel GOOD about ourselves, BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT ! I’m PROUD and HAPPY ! :D

Thank you NaturallyCurly.com you’ve made my day ;)))

Click on image below to check it out ! So many beautiful curly ladies to follow !!



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  1. ArtistMadrid September 11, 2013

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