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A tall girl’s life : Boyfriend’s mistakes

A tall girl's life : Boyfriend's mistakes

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“A tall girl’s life : Boyfriend’s mistakes”
  • Still love this website! Definatley feel more encouraged to be proud my height every time I go out! Thank you so much for helping people like me it’s really beneficial thanks Ellie x

    • You’re most welcome Ellie :) I’m glad to hear you feel proud of yourself ! May it never change ! Stand tall and breathe deeply, you know air is fresher up there ;)

  • My dad does the laundry at my house. (He NEEDS to find a hobby.) I’m 5’11″ and kinda busty (why are bras so expensive) but for the life of me, I CANNOT convince him that my clothes need to air dry. All of them. My shorts are no longer in school dress code, my jeans reach the top of my ankles, and I’m forced to rock the tank-top-under-t-shirt trend because my shirts shrunk. Not to mention one of my brand new bras got shredded. Please. No dryer.

  • This is every week for the last 5 years! I don’t understand why he can’t accept the fact that pants/long sleeved shirts air dry lol

  • I literally just yelped! SO funny and SO true! Can totally relate. And LOVE your evolution! Gosh I love the concept of this blog! :)

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