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I'm tall. I'm curly. Some days I wish I was invisible. On other days ? Just watch me ! ;)


Tall N Curly - S.C.B.


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  • I rarely press my hair out because it’s time consuming and I’m lazy. But when I do I don’t know why but the very next day it always rains. I check the weather report and they tell me there’s a 10% chance of rain, 10%, I go out and it’s not just a small sprinkle or drizzle it’s a downpour.

  • you DO speak to my curly soul! This is so true, not that I am admitting to ANY of this behavior online although the facebook pics are floating out there as prove, but any who ha LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog

  • yup…EVERY SINGLE TIME. But when it’s straight the my hair devil turns up after twenty minutes and goes ‘oooh, its so soft, so silky…look how adult you look…’ ‘touch, touch, touch touch touch…’ then *SHABAM…GREASE ATTACK*

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