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I’m tall… now what ?

Tall N Curly - I'm tall... now what?

I’m tall. I know, thank you. I should make business cards with my name and occupation : Tall. I’m a professional tall person. And I’m GOOD at what I do.

- How tall are you ?
- What did you eat to be tall like that ??
- Are you a model ?
- Do you play basketball ?
- Do you play volleyball ?
- At least you don’t miss a thing at concerts !
- Hey ! The tall girl ! Move ! I can’t see a thing !
- It must be very difficult to find a man your size.
- Did you grow up since last time ??
And the simple and classic :
- You are SO TALL !

What ? I’m tall ? Are you sure ?

Yes. I’m Tall. No no, Tall is not my name. I have a name. I even have a surname with the whole genealogical tree to go with it. But it seems like nothing comes before that. Before the fact that I am TALL. It’s my main occupation.

Oh I see. You thought I hadn’t noticed. That’s why you apparently told yourself : “Maybe I should go and tell her, just in case… Like… In a FYI kind of way…”

And there you go : – Hey ! You’re TALL !!! And then : – How TALL are you ?? Why wouldn’t you ask me after all. You don’t ask his weight to a big man, you don’t go to someone with a big nose and say : “What a biiiiiiig nose !”, but saying to a tall girl that she is tall, that’s fine. Being tall is not a flaw. You can say whatever goes through your mind to a tall girl, she’ll be fine with it, because being tall is like being part of Claudia Schiffer’s family. And we looove Claudia Schiffer… People who think like that never stood in a tall girl’s shoes.

Tall N Curly - I'm tall... now wat?I should make some special business cards.
It would feature my surname, my name, my phone number, my email address, and, above all, my occupation : Tall. I’m a professional tall person. And I’m GOOD at what I do.

Anywhere I go, I NEVER forget to be at least a head taller than everybody else only to grab everyone’s attention. By the way, girls, it’s useless to put your high heels to compete with me, I never go out without my extra-long tibias.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When people talk to me, another part of my job is to not listen. Actually none of what you say gets my attention, that’s why I put my Tall Girl Costume everyday, so I can look over your head straight to the horizon and ignore you intentionally.

Yes. Tall Girls are so pretentious aren’t they ? Always there standing high above everyone else, looking into the distance, showing themselves, looking down on everyone… Well I have a scoop people : if we look down on you, it’s only because technically, we are above you.

We would looove to look you straight in the eyes, from a 5’5″ to another 5’5″, be part of the gang and all, but that would implies that we bend our knees and our backs just to be sure we don’t upset the misses, who believe we are only trying to steal the show, nor the misters, who simply believe that we are showing off. We can’t even bat our eyelashes from below for God’s sake !

Tall N Curly - Things tall girls can't do : batting eyelashes

Tall N Curly tries to seduce a guy by batting eyelashes from below but she’s too tall.

I tried not to be tall… but it didn’t work

In my family, everybody is tall. My mother, my father, aunts and uncles from both sides… If I was to calculate the average size of my family, I would probably get something like 5’11.

Actually, thinking again, I am even quite average… compared to my family members only !
Compared to the population’s average size, I’m sooooo way beyond it, with my 5 feet… Here we go again. I was gonna say I’m 5 feet 10. As I’ve been saying it for years.

- How tall are you ?
- 5’10.
- 5’10 ? Are you sure ? Because my brother is 5’10 and he seems shorter than you…
- Well have him measure himself again. I’m 5’10.

Well NO. Today I say it out loud and proudly : I’m not 5’10. I’m 5 feet 11 inches AND A HALF ! So I’ve said it.

Usually, girls like to glean a few inches here and there. Those who are 5’4″ will say they’re 5’5″, those who are 5’2″ end up at 5’3″, and the 5’6″ girls even manage to reach the modeling 5’11″ size… with heels !

Tall N Curly - I'm tall... now what?

I’m tall. I know, thank you. I should make business cards with my name and occupation : Tall. I’m a professional tall person. And I’m GOOD at what I do.

With Professionnal Tall Girls, it’s just the opposite.

The 6’3″ are 6’1″, the 5’11 and 1/2 aim at 5’10″ – anything to stay as far as possible from the 6 – and for some, well… it’s simply impossible to know how tall they are. They don’t even know it themselves, right girls ?

Everything depends on to what degree the shoulders can bend when the measurement occurs.
Or on to what degree the lower back can curve in, way more discreet under a wide t-shirt.
Or on the squeleton shrinking level. Yes ! The squeleton shrinking trick, every tall girl knows this. It’s a very commonly known technique where if you can manage to lean on only one leg, curving the lower back in while shrinking down your spine and bending your shoulders to the limit at the same time, you can make yourself believe that you’re not that tall after all.

Ok… I can already see some throwing up their hands in horror. “Is she kidding me ? What is she complaining about ? She’s tall and she’s annoying us with her “problems” ?” Well yes maaam I aaam.

This goes along with the widespread thought that you’re kind of lucky when you’re tall.

Being tall is beautiful. Being tall is elegant. Models are tall. “Everybody wants to be tall” !
But you see, I’m not talking about girls like “Oh how lucky, she must be what… 5’7″?” here ! Noooooooo. I’m talking about US. The REAL tall girls ! The GIANTS ! The 5’9″ and up ! Those who seem to get vertigo when/if they wear heels !
And let me tell you this : sometimes they do ! NOT because the ground seems further NO. Because most of us have ALWAYS been tall, and believe it or not but it means A LOT. Let me explain.

Tall N Curly - I'm tall... now what?

I’m tall. I know, thank you. I should make business cards with my name and occupation : Tall. I’m a professional tall person. And I’m GOOD at what I do.

As far as I can remember, my extra inches have always been a way for others to single me out.
At 5, in kindergarten, the teacher put me in the back for the class photo. “Small ones in the front row, tall ones in the back !”
The word “small” instantly became a quality when “tall” suddenly appeared as a fault. Why would have I found myself pushed in the back otherwise ?

At 8, other kids started to give me “friendly” nicknames : giraffe, ladder, skyscraper… But that was before the way more creative “tall asparagus” and “empire state building” of when I was 10.

Then, at 11, while every other little girls were still buying clothes in the Walt Disney section (we didn’t have Lady Gaga or Rihanna to teach us about G-strings for babies at that time) I was the only one wearing a size 14 and pants that hardly managed to reach my ankles because my legs had decided to grow at their own pace while the upper part of my body was on hold.

And then came the wonder years of high school.
Do you know what charming power extra inches have on teenage boys ? None. Nada. Niet. Zero.
So although I was the very first to be picked in gym class when it was a matter of playing basketball, I was simply left on the bench at school parties because no prepubescent worthy of its name would ever want to be seen dancing with a girl who could put her chin on top of his head.

And while other teenage girls dreamed of dressing like Janet Jackson or becoming an actress, I had much simpler dreams : wearing a size 6 for shoes and weigh the same as my girlfriends.
I wanted to be PETITE. Delicate. A feminine and endearing little thing anyone would want to protect and who could break like glass if you weren’t gentle enough… Instead of this I felt like a dislocated football player with abnormally long ungraceful members that didn’t seem to be certain of their purpose yet.

Who would have thought that this insecure teenage girl always hiding under her hood and wearing 0,01 inch heels not to make her case worse would become, at the end of high school, a threat for the ladies and beyond most of men’s means ?!
And there she was, the same girl who used to anxiously wait for the moment to stand up in the subway, praying to cut short the unfolding process she had to go through before getting off at her station, here again was criticized and the target of prejudices and biases of others. But the other way around.

For the ladies, she no longer was that tall undefinable thing no man would ever want to come across, who, at the parties, spent the whole slow-dancing time straightening her skirt. No. For the ladies, she now was supermodel extract. A threat to oust as fast as possible.

For the men, she no longer was that big girl looking like nothing, to whom you addressed as if she was a representative of the third sex. Nope. In the eyes of men too, she had become supermodel extract. You know, those pretentious girls walking above us and apparently so confident ? (Yes, because if they weren’t so confident they wouldn’t ALLOW themselves to be so tall.) Who would dare to talk to THAT ? Sigh.

I know many tall girls will recognize themselves in these words. Like me, they know they need to smile a lot when they meet new girls – #1.defusing – and like me, either they try to be witty to show they also have brains (something we have in common with the blonde ladies maybe) – #.2 anchor – or they do not yet have enough confidence and are most of the time reserved and quiet, looking like everything they’re not : stuck-up b*tches – #3. hara kiri.

Keep calm and be tall

The first thing I would like to say to our shorter female fellows is that we generally feel bigger next to them than they feel small next to us. And the fact that God was generous giving us extra inches doesn’t mean our biggest concern is to get noticed everywhere we go. The problem is that we DO get noticed everywhere we go.

To this problem, there are only two solutions : either we feel bad about ourselves and we try to hide – and let’s be clear about this : the probability to succeed is very low – or we’re at ease with ourselves and stand tall and proud, just like you, but a little higher.

Please stop considering us like threats or tigresses. Or please stop looking at us as if we were some kind of ridiculous alien species. Most of us needed our whole life to accept ourselves as we are, while many tall girls still don’t love themselves and would happily get rid of a couple of inches… Not mentioning the fact that unlike us, YOU can shop ANYWHERE.

To the gentlemen : we are not that different from other girls, except that some of us even have a bigger lack of confidence. Please be kind, and don’t be so shy. Tall girls will be grateful to you !

To everyone : when you meet a tall girl, I bet that 100% of the time, you will indeed notice that she is tall. Is it a reason to mention it ? Speak of something else, for this too, the tall girls will be grateful. Or not. At the least, you’ll have missed an opportunity to be annoying.

To you, the Giants, the Amazons, who like me can’t buy clothes on sale on the web because you fear to get too short sleeves or too short pants, who spend all your money in only one pair of jeans that will fit your stilts, who don’t dare to wear heels and who think wearing flat shoes you’ll get less noticed, who wear your hair long hoping it will bring you closer to the ground, or your hair short because you think long hair stretches you out, who sometimes feel manlier than your man and who hate dancing in a club because being on the dance floor is like being a tree in a mushrooms field, to you all : LOVE YOURSELVES !

Stand straight and walk with your head high ! You won’t vanish because you slouch your shoulders you know. People won’t notice you less. The only thing people will see is that the tall girl, over there, who’s trying to hide, she feels bad about herself. And that sometimes draws attention even more.

Forget about ballerinas and flat boots ! People say tall girls are elegant ? Well I have a scoop for you : we’re even more elegant with a pair of high heels ! You’re already tall, what risk are you running anyway ?!

You’ve probably seen a tall girl wearing high heels before, walking proudly, maybe nonchalantly, not caring about what people have to say, and I’m sure you envied her, that tall, beautiful, elegant and above all FREE girl. Well BE that girl ! Your feet on the ground and your heads high in the sky ! :D

Listen to me, and next time, when you enter a room dreading people’s gaze, wether in the subway, in a restaurant, in the dentist waiting room… stand straight, stretch out, walk proudly. Then look at the people who are looking at you straight in the eyes. I can promise you all you’ll see in their eyes will be admiration. Tested and approved by me. ;)

To all the Amazons who enjoy themselves : JUST KEEP ON DOING YOUR THING !!! :DDD

Lastly, to all the young Amazons out there, those ones still struggling in school and highschool, feeling like aliens who don’t belong anywhere, do not worry, fear no more  sweethearts and stay strong, because if you can manage to understand what I’ve just said and to give it the time to grow in your minds and hearts, you’ll soon see that things will only get MUCH BETTER. ;)

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Tall N Curly - I'm tall... now what? - The evolution

From a tiny bald baby to the tall woman with big curly hair she now is : the evolution of Tall N Curly.

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“I’m tall… now what ?”
  • Hi! I’m 15 curly and 5’9 and according to my doctor still growing. I’ve been a competitive swimmer all my life and I’m proud of my height. I actually want to be taller. I went to my freshman homecoming and I was 5 inches taller than my date and still wore heels( there were no flats in my size) now I was 7 inches taller. I just want to any your blog is great! Tall curly and proud!

  • Haha, being 13 and all I can totally relate to being 6ft ugh I love it but sometimes people are just so obvious it kills me lol

    • WoX Your 13 & 6’0″ Tall i’m a 17 y.o. guy and i stand 4’4″ tall barefoot so that makes You a foot + 8″ taller then me and i am like five years older then you. OMG

    • Why You say Abnormal do You have a mental problem? I think You be intimadating to me be more like it lol

  • I am so glad to find this out.
    Iam not the only tall n curly girl out there lol .
    its so annoying how people are like your so tall and your hair is so big and you should straighten it like omg stfu

  • Awesome!!! I’m 6’1″ and was 5’13″ for a long, long time!!
    Now that I’ve grow ‘into’ my skin, I’m good w/ being the odd duck, but it’s DEF a privey club:D

  • Hiiii! Your blog made me smile so much. I’m 19 and I’m 5 11 and a half as well. Lol I found it so weird when you said you were the same height as me. I seriously have one pair of heels lol and I hardly if ever wear them. I do feel awkward going into closed places especially with low ceilings. Makes me feel really tall lol but hey, I always tell myself at least I’m healthy. It could’ve been worse. Thanks for this blog :). And I recently did the big chop so I am indeed tall n curly lol. Keep doing what you do!

  • Total defination of my Life. Plus extra for very luckily being born with a bright orange birthmark on one side of my face on my superdark skin. LOL! Talk about cherry on the cake. Thankfully my father was a wonderful man and my mother a beautiful woman, exposed me to things, books, all the love that made me so confident and proud of who i am. I must say modelling dosent hurt either. If only dey make some freaking size 9 shoes, wud b happier dan a butterfly. I wouldnt gv back my height for anything in the world! (Ok, maybe for some size 7feet.. *grin*)

    • Size 9 shoes ? That’s common isn’t it ? Oh or maybe you’re in the UK ?

      Well you were very lucky to have such smart parents ! Glad to know you’re proud and enjoying yourself :))

  • I have like a permanent hunch in my back from slouching down so much. I
    m trying to get the confidence to stand up straight. It
    s so difficult,I’ve felt like a freak for so long. Now,I just want my back to stop hurting,lol

    • You know that tall girls slouching look even taller right ? Just because they’re trying to hide but that it obviously doesn’t work ? :)
      You need to go swimming girl, it’s very good for the back and for putting it back in the right position, that way no more hurting and no more slouching. You should think about it seriously, back problems get worse with age and things can become quite dramatic :s

  • When people ask how tall I am I say 5′ 12″ ….. sometimes I get a laugh or confused look…other times people’s eyes glaze over and just don’t get it.

  • Love this post! :) As a vertically challenged girl (yeah, I’m way more down to earth than you) I see it from a whole different level.
    And hey…the weather way down here is rather hot. Same for you, I hope! :P

  • I just found your website and i LOOOOVE it !!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the (oh so true) stories, and the very cool cartoons !
    I’m 6,1 so you can guess how I relate to your adventures …
    I happen to be french, people are not giants in my country so I’m usually taller than most people around…
    And “no, i don’t play basketball” definitely is something I say quite often to total strangers .
    Enough said, you got it :)
    So keep it going sister, your website is bookmarked !

    • Besides Northern countries like Sweden and such, I don’t know any country where people are giants ;)
      Maybe we should build our own country, with a minimum height to get a visa lol
      Thank you very much for your message jane ! Happy you found me ! :)

  • You look like the adult version of my daughter Ella. Like you, she is quite tall with thick, curly hair. She just turned 10 and she’s nearly 5 feet tall and already wearing size 14 clothes and wearing women’s 8.5 shoes. And she still has years of growing ahead of her! We battle regularly over her hair maintenance because she is very tender-headed and could care less whether her hair is groomed or not. Sigh. She hasn’t yet reached the painfully self-conscious stage of adolescence. I’m glad to see these beautifully-drawn comics will be here to reassure her that she’s not alone in being tall & curly!

    • I’ll make sure to keep the website alive so she can read it then ! ;)
      The fact that she doesn’t care about her hair is quite a good thing I believe ! I was already teased at school because of it at her age, my hair bothered me a lot. May she remain in that free space for as long as possible ! ;)

  • I love your blog! I am six feet with flaming red “Curly” hair. I do admit there have been many times I have excitedly slipped on my heels….walked out and stood in the hall next to my 5’10″ husband and quietly slunk back into the bedroom and put on some “sensible” flats. All in all I love being tall. I am slim and can pull of many outfits. Yes I am proud to be tall….just wish my husband would have a growthspurt…

  • Come on, gals, squash that insecurity already. All young women have to deal with insecurities. Play the hand you are dealt and stand tall. I’m 5’11 and routinely wear 3 or four inch heels. My husband is only 5’11, and he loves my heels. Tall people are statistically more successful and typically quite envied. The real problem of course is buying pants so shop diligently and embrace skirts or capris. (Try Longtallsally.com)

  • I just read through almost all of your posts, and I related to pretty much all of them. I’m a sophomore in high school, about 5’10, with hair that seems to be a lot like yours. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this post. Like every tall and/or girl, I do struggle with those qualities a fairly decent amount. I’m learning to accept my height and hair, and you definitely gave me a big push forward today. Thank you!

  • Your blog has been cracking me up all night!! I’m 6’0″ (and half an inch but I never bring that up, lol). After years of straightening I’ve laid down the flat iron and am letting my hair be curly. Both of these things (mainly the hair right now, I’m still getting used to it) negatively affect my self-esteem. But I’m gonna try to embrace it. Thanks for posting and for giving a voice to all the tall n curly girls!

    • Thank you Julia ! :) I’ve been there and yes it takes quite some time, but when it happens… bliss ! :) I realized I had FINALLY fell in love with my hair the first time I straightened it, looked at myself in the mirror and thought for the very first time of my life : “geez I like you better with your curls girl!” Hold on and be patient, a real revelation ahead ;)

  • I’m not sure to understand why you shared that article by that Yemi girl on your fb page as from what I see she just plagiarized this one? Reading it I was like “this reminds me of something”

    • Well… :s
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I went through it very quickly and hadn’t noticed it… quite annoying really… I deleted it from my page.

  • Hello people. I’m 12 years old and I’m 5’11, with long, thick, curly black hair that is impossible to tame, and i swear it could have a mind of its own. I’m not kidding. When I found this website I literally laughed out loud because it is so true!!!! Where ever I go people feel the need to state the obvious, and comment on my height. I really took the advice here to heart, so thank you! It really helps, when your someone like me who is really self conscious about their Hieght! So thanks!

  • I tend to apprecciate all aspects of the female form especially when there diffrerent and unique. If you were 5’2″ you would be just like everyone else. Women with shorts legs and short arms are not appealing to me. Maybe it helps that I’ve been 6’1″ since I was in 7th grade. I’m male by the way. I just came across this and was intrigued by it. That’s what makes everyone great we are all unique and phenomenal.

  • Is it odd that I’m like 5’7 and a half and I want to be about 5’10? Whenever I say I want to be taller, my peers look at me crazy O.O

  • I am a tall guy myself with a height of 6.2. Yes, i too faced all the humiliations mentioned here. I haven’t abused anyone who is of short stature so why are you doing this to me? Look i am a human and i am sensitive. You can’t hurt my feelings.

    If you look into closely you can see what people are made of. This denotes we are still barbarians. Putting a suit and coat doesn’t makes us humans. Humans are not sensitive anymore. They are more like barbarians who hurt. Imagine what will happen to those physically disabled people? Or someone who is a transsexual? Or someone with autism? How will this world treat them? You have to think deep.

  • Hello, I found your blog through Twitter and thank you so much for sharing, from my 5’9″ I can totally relate to what you’re saying. It’s true that I might be at the shorter end of tall girl-ness, but having grown up in Italy where a woman is considered average at 5’3″ I might as well have been 7 foot. It also didn’t help that volleyball is widely played at school, but I was so skinny and weak I super sucked at it (and most sports really!), much to everyone’s confusion and annoyance. When I was in primary school someone once commented that I was so tall I’ll grow into a tree. Funny how it’s flippant comments said in passing like that you will always remember.
    It’s extemely sad that we live in a society where, now more than ever, gender stereotyping is being pushed onto children from an early age- I think you hit the nail on the head with your Rhianna/ thong analogy. Girls are supposed to be dainty, pretty pink princesses, boys cool adventurers. When I was 7 or 8 my best friend was a boy and I would have said give me a bow and arrow to play with over a doll any time. Not sure what people would make of that little girl today. I am happy to have found the ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ campaign on Twitter and as a mother I am sure I will have some interesting years fighting gender stereotyping for children.
    To all wonderful tall girls out there my message would be that it’s taken me up until my 30′s to be happy(ish) with my physical appearance, but at the end of the day being comfortable with your body image is very closely linked to happiness in general. Obsessing about how tall you are is only a distraction from admitting to yourself that you’re not happy in general, or a manifestation of this. I can promise you that the majority of short girls feel as self conscious about their lack of inches than we feel about our abundance of these. Start loving yourself and everything else will fall into place, I promise x

  • Hello Tall n Curly,
    I discovered your blog via Pinterest and YOU have made my day! I’m tall…Damn tall and I feel like you have expressed every thought in my mind.
    I love the fact that you write about it for everyone to be aware of who we are inside. Keep going, maybe minds will change? And maybe, just maybe we will stop getting the question “do you play basketball?” or the “Wow your tall!” …

    I have to tell you one of my Top 10 comments I received once (yeah, I have a TOP 10, you have to with all the crazy stuff you hear!) … Walking in the street I see 10metres in front a homeless guy fixing me, with big eyes. Once I passed him I hear in my back ” Madame… you are so tall and beautiful that you must be… (wait for it…) a GLADIATOR!!!!” … I was kind of stuck between taking it like a compliment for my “beauty” or the comparison to a Gladiator?!! (Weird funny dumbfounded moment!)

    Anyways…Keep doing what you do…It ROCKS! ;)

    • Hi Angelique !
      A GLADIATOR ???! A GLADIATOR ??????????!!!??!?! That must be the most awful/weird/funny thing I’ve ever heard !!! (besides my tall cousin being called a mare once but that was just awful/weird) Jesus !!!!
      Well I’m glad you found me and thank you very much for reaching out ! :)
      A gladiator………….

  • hey tall and curly
    im only 12 and im 5 foot 4, it SUCKS being the tall girl! your blog is so relatable to me, but it helped me realize I wasn’t alone! (sry 4 crappy English I just moved here a year ago)

    • Hey :)

      5’4 is not that tall. You’re only 12 so you might find it annoying if you’re the tallest now, that’s normal, but if you’re worried about your future height well… all I can tell you is that at your age I was already 5’8″ ;)

    • hello(: I’m 12 and 5’8… and I have a lot of tall friends but of course I’m the tallest, I’m still curious because im about the sane height as mY mom who has a verrry tall dad and a verrry short mom. and my dad is 6’1. is there a possibility I’m done growing?

    • Hello :)
      It is said that a girl will grow for another one to two years after starting her period, which was true for me as I reached my actual height around 15yo when I had mine at 13. So unless you’ve had your period at 10 or 11yo, it’s rather unlikely that you have reached your adult height. Hope this helps ;)

    • Don’t count on it. Even if you did stop now, you’re still taller than like 95% of the women and about half of the men, so you’re stuck being tall anyway.

    Ok. My name is Lexi, obviously. I have mixed hair, and is totally CRAZY! I am 14 (stay away creeps) and I stand at a (way) above average height of 6’2″. again, I am only 14. I also have been the tallest since forever. I was taller than my 15 year old brother since I was 2. I have never been commented on besides “wow, your so tall!” by everyone I know. I have a proportionate body, so I don’t seem tall from a distance, and I’m chubby and proud (represent!). So yeah, if this makes any more of a shocker, I was your height in fifth grade. HAH! * cries* I love my hair though, and I look good in big poofy hair, so yeah… Have a great day!

  • You pretty much nailed it.( the beginning of every conversation I’ve ever had) I’m a guy, but I’m 6’8 and just turned 17, and I don’t play basketball. Just stumbled onto this page and saw that the same thing is happening to tall people everywhere.
    Stay proud,

  • Hello there
    I am 5’8 and I know I am really not in the “tall” spectrum yet, but as mixed asian I feel like I am quite tall. When I wear heels it takes a lot of confidence to assure myself that I’m just fine, and that I couldn’t care less towards any comment regarding my height. The most common is “do you really need to wear heels when you’re tall already?”, I just usually smile and I somehow have learned that my best defense is humor. I usually tell them “the view up here is breathtaking” haha.
    Thanks for having a blog like this, somehow it helps me accept that I am pretty much a tall girl and there’s nothing I can do about it other than embrace it fully.

    • You’re welcome Kiki and thank you for reading and for your comment ! :)

      I really don’t want to make generalities but yes I do feel like 5’8 is tall for an asian girl (I’ve noted you’re mixed though) :) I’ve been to Japan and South Korea and I can tell you I’ve NEVER felt so tall in my entire life !!! In the streets, some people stopped me to ask me if they could take pictures with me like I was some kind of monument !! Some people don’t believe me when I say that but I swear it’s true ! I must be in at least 5 different japanese families’ photo albums lol

      Well I’m happy you feel confident about it ! The world needs more giraffes like you to show other giraffes how AWESOME it is to be tall ;)

  • This blog…. I LOVE IT!! I just went natural and I love rocking my curlies in all of their curly glory….even though I only have a TWA. I’m 5’10 and I wear 4″-6″ heels to work every other day. I LOVE heels and I do not care what people say about me and my height. I love it!

    I can’t wait until my baby tresses grow out so I can rock my Big Bad Fro in my 6″ heels.

    Your blog is so funny to me! Its encouraging and inspiring to see another woman dealing with the same issues I deal with. I’m super hippy so I can only by pants from one or two stores because no other stores have pants to fit my slender waist and wide hips. My long arms make long sleeve shirts look 3/4 length. The comic with the girl in the tunic made me cry because I laughed so hard. I can’t tell you how many times my sister has worn the same mid-length dress as me and it look appropriate on her and like a shirt on me.

    It annoys me to see a man taller than I with a woman at least a foot shorter than he is. My hope is that one day I will find a man taller than I am who appreciates my height! :)

    • Thank you !! ^^

      Well I would love to see that ! A 6’2 girl with a big afro ! You rock ! :D

      Then… you know you can find the perfect man… in a smaller size too ;)

  • I so totally get this. The first time I met a guy from twitter in the real world, the first thing he said to me was “You are so tall”. I’m 5’10″ and have accepted the fact that I will stand out. So I just rock my 4 inch heels and tower over everyone in the club. Life’s good :)

  • OMG!!!finally i found something related to me!!!! n i totally agreed the fact that tall girls often feel out of place and wondering whether she landed in a midget happyland…things got even worse when u r from asia country….took quite some time for me to finally embrace my ‘tall-ness’….:)…oh well,i will see my ‘tall-ness’ as an advantage!!! in loving your blog!!!! please keep us updated. :D:D:D:D

    • I just replied to another comment from an asian girl, as I told her I don’t want to make generalities but I do believe that very tall asian girls are not common :) I went to Japan and South Korea and never EVER felt so big in my entire life lol

  • I love this site! Its hilarious! Im 6’3″ & love every inch of me! Sometimes i lie and say that im taller, i wear 4-5 inch heels just because i can, not because i have to.

  • Hey thanks for this! I’ve been 6′ since I was 14. My negative name in High School was “Big Foot” having size 11 feet. Once I got out of High School it became Amazon. Which I don’t mind. I have a thicker build as well (broad shoulders and big rib cage etc..). But I get nothing but positive comments anymore. I’m asked all the time if I’m a model which I take as a compliment! I do not wear heals, mostly because I have no balance whatsoever xD
    The comments that do annoy me are ones about sports and such :P
    It’s nice not feeling quite so alone in this giant mushroom field! ;)

    • I hate the “do/have you played basketball? Its very annoying but i realize now that “the smalls” are just curious and wosh they could be tall too. Like you, im very shapel: big hips and big…well u get the picture, lol. I wear a size 12 shoe. When i was a kid, i use to lie anout my shoe size b/c all my friends had smaller feet and i didnt wanna get picked on. Now iI tell the truth w ith pride and if some has an ignorant comment abt it, i tell them: “dont br stupid! My fit are the perfect size for my height. If they were small, i wouldnt be able to walk, IDIOT! U think.God didnt know what He was doong when he created me, FOOL!” That usually shuts them up. Lmbo!

  • Ahh thank you so much for this! This really is my life being 6’1″ (or sometimes 5’11″ when I can’t admit the truth) with awkward not completely curly hair! I can’t wear heals, I am always asked my height, what sport I play (none) and it is sooooo hard to find a man taller than me (though now that I am almost out of college, there seem to be taller ones popping up around me). So thank you for your honesty, empathy, and encouragement. Your blog is so great to read as a “giraffe” among the normal height world. Thanks!

    • You’re most welcome Kristen ! :)
      Although I will have to disagree with you on two things : you CAN wear heels, and you don’t HAVE to find a man taller than you ;) There are some amazing men out there who won’t even reach your shoulders ! But of course as tall girls we all dream of a tall man who will make us feel like tiny delicate things, I understand that ;)
      Thank you for reaching out ^^<3

  • This is the story of my life being 5/9 (3/4) as a teen and I proudly wear my natural hair :) After I found your blog I was like ,” Yes! Someone understands!” lol but this blog has helped me enjoy being tall and natural much more. Thanks soo much! :*

  • I love Your blog so much!!! I got over being self-conscious about my height during my first year of college. The reason? During high school, no one called me names or picked on me for anything. Ever. I was nice enough, but I get the feeling they were secretly scared of me. Ha. College was a different story. “Hey there beast” “hey there tranny” you get the picture. I saw these same exact people EVERY FREAKING DAY, they knew who I was, i took classes with them, yet they somehow felt the need to identify me by my height in a derogatory or teasing way.

    That first year of college was rough, I definitely spent time crying after an entire day of seingly constant commentary and insulting remarks. But I got over it. I graduated from that college, then I went to and graduated from another college. The second round was easier, because I had learned to love myself, but it was also harder because my classmates were WORSE than at the last college. What is funny is that this time around, I was at a BIBLE COLLEGE. You know, where Christians and future pastors go? Oh the irony! I basically ignored these classmates, but once in a while I would smile as big as I possibly could. If someone ever said “You are SO tall!!” I chose to reply with “Thank you SO much” (I have always wanted to try saying “You are SO average” ha!)

    So, having been through two colleges, I survived with a few scratches that have healed. I just don’t even care anymore! I like to mess with people’s minds, so being tall helps :)

    I am kind, I am smart, I am important, and I am 6’5.” (That is not a typo, I really am 6’5.”)

    P.S. My best friend in the whole entire world, who was my study buddy, my crying shoulder, my partner in crime, my go to person for random trips to Walmart? She is 4’10.” Yes, her and I laugh at each pther about our difference all the freaking time. She’s awesome.

    • “I am kind, I am smart, I am important, and I am 6’5.”” YOU are AMAZING :))) Don’t change a SINGLE THING !!

      I just can’t believe that people were that mean with you in COLLEGE I mean… You’re not a kid anymore in college….. You’re supposed to be an adult…. Did your brain remained at its child size..? Come on.
      And in a Bible college ? Wow… Yup. Irony…
      So glad you escaped from it all and grew (literally AND figuratively lol ) into a beautiful and proud person who knows who she is and what she’s worth ! I wish you the best in life you deserve it ! :)

  • First of all i discovered your blog today and i love it!!!!
    I’m 6′ with natural hair (since last year) and my male best friend is 6’4 we always get those weird looks when we walk in the streets but also some thumbs up by other people which is kind of cool lol!
    I smiled at a lot of facts that you wrote cause i recognised nyself in them.

    You just gained a french fan ;)

    • Thank you and welcome Dydy ! :) I feel just the same when I’m with my cousins, they’re all waaaay taller than me, and people in the streets look at us just as if the Titans had emerged from below lol

  • Your really not that tall. You said 5’11″ right? Oh sorry, can’t forget that half. Yeah you are above average for you’re gender but overall that’s about average. That might be tall in 1920 but humans are taller now. You perceive yourself as a giant practically. I wouldn’t worry. I’m a guy and usually a height over 6’0″ or 6’1″ is worth mention

    • Well I would have LOVED to hear things like more often ! I guess I wouldn’t perceive myself as a giant if I had heard more of this and less of the others things ;)

  • I’ve never been the “tall” girl, but I was always somehow “bigger” than everyone else. I wasn’t fat, but with my sturdy build and wide shoulders, I felt like a large, shortish man compared to the delicate little things. Which was everyone else.

    I still feel that way as an adult. I’m solid, not thin anymore, but solid. I’m apparently super strong for a PERSON! I’m only 5’6″, but I feel like the Hulk around most women. LoL!

    • Girl let’s DO!! LoL!! Damn I took a long ass time to reply.. LoL! I guess I don’t blog as much as I use to. I’ve been just making videos and calling it a day. I type too much at work. :p

      Anyway, just saying I feel ya boo (Or rather all my BOO’s here!!)

      Wonder if any “Munchkins” will weigh in? :D

    • Munchkin here! I’m 4′ 11 & 3/4″ and will stay that way… I’ve never exactly bated being short (everyone in my family is), but I get so tired of people saying “Wow, you’re short!˝ or “I’m so much taller than you!” I’ve learned to accept my height (and wear heels sometimes), but I feel like I could connect with this article from the OTHER standpoint.

      In fact, I’m kind of the opposite of you – you’re tall and curly, but I’m short with thin, limp, straight hair. I’ve learner to love who I am, though. :)

      Great blog and comics, by the way!

  • I’m 5″9 (and have natural hair too), and was laughing when you described the squeleton technique because I do that too, especially when I’m wearing heels. I could relate to so much of this. Thanks for sharing it, feel not so alone :)

  • Oh my gosh, hilarious!! I love your blog!! I’m 5’9″ and everything you said had me rolling on the floor cause I can so relate! When I put on heels, forget it. I’m transitioning and about to do my big chop and I can only imagine how this added dynamic will play out! LOL Can’t wait.

  • I love your website! I am 5’8″ and I find reading this blog insightful! It seemed as though people feel comfortable saying the dumbest things to you when you are tall. I love being tall. If I could talk to my younger self, it would be to say, enjoy the extra inches God gave you!

  • ‘just ran into your blog and love it:-)

    I’m 6’3 and happy about it now. I’m also rail thin (that runs in the family, height doesn’t) and that probably makes me look even taller. It was tough until I was about 20 and then I started getting used to myself. I also used to tell people I was 6’2 or 6’1 because tall girls round down. Now sometimes when I see a guy I know is a jerk and he asks me, I’ll tell him 6′ or 6’1 to make him feel a bit more insecure.

    What I love is that it gives me a way to talk with people I normally wouldn’t. The same questions come up because people tend to think the same way. So I try to have strange answers or just defect the topic. If it is a bit clueless the trick is to say something positive about them and talk about something else. A friend who is over 6’6 (she’s a bit over and rounds down to 6’6) gives people high fives when they approach and she gets eye contact. A great tall girl sport that can bring a lot of smiles if you have a super outgoing personality.

    There are some good lines you can use over and over. When I was a toddler I would compete with the family dog for his food, so when people ask what I ate as a kid, I tell ‘em dog food:-)

    • Well you started getting used to yourself at a younger age than I did ! :D

      And I love using odd answers too. A few months ago someone asked me how tall I was I said 5’6. He was like “you’re not 5’6″ I was “yes I’m 5’6″, “you can’t be 5’6!” “I’m telling you I’m 5’6 what’s wrong with you??”, and so on, it was ridiculous… but funny ! XD

  • I love this. But I do hate when people insist I’m taller than 5’11″. If I was 6′, I’d say that. Because being 6′ would be awesome.

  • Hi,

    I’m 5’10 too, and my dream was to be 6’0 feet. I love being tall and wearing heels are great. I own several and two pair of 5in heels at this moment. I have two friends I hang with sometimes, and one is 5’10, and the other is 6’0 feet. Tall girls RULE!!!. Love the natural hair its rules too!!!!!! I always high-five the other tall girls when I see them.

  • I never had a problem with tall girls, I think it depends on the person. I am 5’2 1/2. Thats the accurate height in all its glory. I am the oldest out of 4 siblings, and the other 3 younger ones were all taller than me by the time they were 12-14 and I was 23. -______- Now I’m 27, and I think I’m a tiny bit closer to 5’3…but whos counting LOL. I grew up with name about my height as well, the most common and one that didnt take alot of creativity was always “Hey Shrimpy”. The other ones throughout the years varied, but I mostly ignored it. And with me being so short, I always had to watch I didn’t get too fat because a 5’2 1/2 girl growing in width is very easy to do, especially from a hispanic family with fatty foods. Even if alot of the times I tetter in between 5 lbs, it makes a huge difference in inches. But often times I dont look my weight because I’m so little. My brothers got their height from my uncle who was 6’5, they are 6’3(21 yrs old), and 5’11(16 yrs old). Alot of the the times growing up they would lift me to the ceiling like I was a paper weight, and pretend to body slam me to the floor, but would stop inches above it. This is how they show love I guess…lol. Or my brother would lean his elbow ontop of my head for support as he stands, instead of using his shoulder to lean against a wall. So I guess whether you’re really short, or really tall. We all would appreciate the ones on the other side to take care in how they are around us. I never bring up how tall a person is, because I hate hearing how short I am. I’m ok with it now, but when people start saying ” you are so damn short….can you get on the rides?” Thats when it stings, even if in jest.

    • Of COURSE it depends on the person ! :) Thank God it depends on the person… otherwise I would have been having trouble with every single person shorter than me on Earth !

      From what I saw, people who don’t care are the ones who feel great about themselves. I’ve never heard a confident girl tell me anything special. But it’s the same for anybody who’s different, people who want other people to feel bad bout themselves are often the ones who feel about themselves in the first place. For some others, it’s simply a lack of empathy. They just don’t THINK that the person they’re talking to has been hearing the same damn thing over and over again for ages. And they don’t have an idea of the consequences it can have, especially on someone who is already insecure.

      I’m so happy to see confident tall woman, but I dont know if it’s a big coincidence but I would say that 80-90% of the tall girls I know had to fight to a certain level to accept and love themselves. They often went through a lot of bullying at school. When I think of it they remind me more of the way fat kids are treated than anything else. But yes, THANK GOD we don’t ALL go through the same pattern. :)

    • I can’t say I knew very many tall girls, I only has two best friends who were tall and they were 5’9 in sophomore year in highschool, and i was still 5’2, lol. I would say that alot of people stared at us, because i was always in the middle, but they always preferred it that way, I would think it would’ve emphasized the size difference. But we got along fine, height with us was never an issue, we still did sleep overs, before one moved away, we still did each others hair. We had the same thick curly frizzy big hair, so I think we more so came together on the things we had in common, than what we didnt. One friend got into break dancing, and she still is doing it. She was great and it did bump her popularity up towards the end of junior year to senior year in highschool. I do know they struggled in photos, but so did I. The average height for girls in my schools was 5’5-5’6.I was shorter than the average, and they were taller. They were first picked in sports like basketball, and i was first picked in soccer, but we all ended up on volleyball somehow lol. My brothers on the other hand had it kinda hard being tall, especially the older one. The teacher was always singling him out for stupid things, always put him in the back of pictures in the MIDDLE, always put him in the back rows of the classroom even though his eyesight was bad before we knew he needed glasses because he didnt want to say anything, but his teacher kept refusing when he’d tell her. :( His legs were longer,and his torso caught up few years later like you mentioned you went through, it was difficult for my mom to find his pants and re-hem them when we couldnt afford changing to new ones during his crazy growth spurts.

  • Hello fellow tall n curly chica,
    I’m 6’0 and rocking my hair in all it’s naturalness lol. So I completely feel like the above on a regular. I LOVE your blog, it’s refreshing and encouraging.

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