22 thoughts on “The ride (based on a true story)

  1. I’m on “Team Natural” as many have called it. I have been for many many years, I don’t even know why I even had a relaxer but one summer of staying out in the sun and pool too much and a bad burn from the last touch up and I gave it up.

    Three weeks ago I let a friend, a cosmetologist, finally do something to my hair since he has been dying to try his hand at my natural hair. He pressed it and styled it nicely and when I went to work the next day you could have sworn someone had died. One felt betrayed saying that I had left ‘Team Natural’ while others were shocked thinking that I had relaxed my hair.

  2. Ugh I understand this one I hate when people tell me I look better with strait hair its like wtf is wrong with my hair the way it was naturally

  3. i once had the opposite experience. i had really curly hair when i was a teenager, but it sadly started to grow straight when i was in my early twenties. I was devastated, i loved my curls so much. On top of that my older sister one day just casually told me that straight hair does not suit me at all… it makes me look kind of wonky and that i should “keep it curly”. Thankfully my curls have somewhat returned since then, but it is still not as curly as back then… so when i have kind of an accidental straight/wavy hair day, i feel really miserable and not very pretty.

  4. I love your blog&read it almost everyday! I’m 6’1 mixed race with a huge Afro… Plus I’m only 15 so you can understand why I like this so much :) pretty much everywhere I go I get stared at or asked how tall I am, if I like it and if I play any sports… It’s frustrating plus all the guys I like are much smaller than me. But your blog has really inspired me to get out there and be who I am and proud! I enjoy the way you come across humorous on this blog with the short Bestfriend advice because that is just my life :p I’m so happy I found this page so thanks for making a teen girls life a little more manageable by being a tall and curly x

    • I had missed that comment Ellie ! ‘m so glad this little comic blog can help you in a way :) If you can already start realizing, at only 15, how BLESSED you are to be WHO and HOW you are, you’re going to make the most out of this life I can tell you :) And nevermind about the guys, eventually they grow up ;) But it doesn’t even matter, having a man who cherishes you, treats you right and loves you for who you are is the most important, who cares if he’s shorter. :) I’m happy you found me too !
      EDIT : just realized it’s the same message you had sent me on facebook lol, well, you got 2 answers ;)

  5. First time responding, started going through all of your comics today. I had to post a comment for this one. I laughed so hard. I read it 3 times. “Is it drizzle I’m feeling?” Oh the dreaded drizzle. Dead.

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