Tall N Curly™

I draw comics about being a tall girl with curly hair to show girls who think they're too tall and girls who wished they had straight hair why they need to free themselves and how to love themselves just how they are :) I also speak about random women and life matters, as well as music, beauty and health. Welcome ! ;)

My Top 25 lesser-known Michael Jackson songs

For my first music article, I’ve decided to share my very own Top 25 lesser-known songs by one of my favorite artists and human beings of all times, the King of Pop himself : Michael Jackson. So we all know Thriller, Wanna be startin’ somethin’ and Beat it, Billie Jean and Bad, Remember the time, Man in the mirror, Black or White and Smooth Criminal… but although most of true

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Casting call for Tall Pregnant Women

Expectant Mothers with unusual pregnancies wanted for a new Discovery documentary series Are you very tall and pregnant ? Do you expect to have a very tall baby ?  Or are you concerned about what happens if you do ? Cineflix Productions have been commissioned by Discovery to make a 6 part series on the subject of pregnancy. They’re looking for mums-to-be from all over the world, who are juggling

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A tall and curly girl’s life : losing it

Obviously, worst things are happening in the world right now than the story I’m about to tell you, but in my very own small and shallow universe, that was DRAMA. You know like when the tap has been leaking for over an hour but you’re so lazy you’d rather train your mind not to acknowledge it like a yogi than get off your butt and go turn it off ?

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Welcome to the brand new tallncurly.com !

Please sit down, make yourselves comfortable. Have a cup a tea, a lil’ mojito maybe ?   So ! As some of you may know, I started TallNCurly.com in november 2012. (I feel so historical right now) In over a year and a half, I’ve been having lots of fun drawing and sharing tall girls and curly girls issues, as well as some random thoughts. Reliving some of my biggest traumas

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Beautiful health

When I was thinking about what subjects I would like to talk about on my new site, the question of beauty obviously came to mind. I often receive messages asking me about my hair routine. “What products do you use to define your curls ?”, “What products do you use to moisturize your hair ?” and since I posted a picture of my hair on my instagram “What do you do

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