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I’m Tall N Curly.


So I’m tall.

And I’m curly.

Very tall.

And very curly.

I’ve tried to be small. Didn’t work.

I’ve tried to have straight hair. Didn’t last.

So I thought : “Hey ! Let’s try something new ! Let’s try to be myself !”

And that is : tall, and curly.

Some people think it’s nice to be tall. Some people think it’s nice to be curly. Some people would rather die than being one or the other. In my case, I simply have no choice, so I try to enjoy myself as much as possible. But some days… oh some days…

I have created this blog for these days when, if there was a vaccine against inches or curls, I would run to get an injection.

And for some other stuff too ;)

Welcome ! :D



I’m taking the time to write this post because I’ve received a few messages asking me if I keep my hair natural or not, if I have relaxed my hair before, and if I’m against relaxing.

I also got a comment on my Pinterest profile that made me realize some people might think that because I draw all these comics about being tall and curly, I hate being one or the other, or both.

Therefore I’ve decided to add some details in my about section so that everyone can understand my approach concerning my blog and comics, and here it is. :)

So first of all, the HAIR.

The comment on Pinterest said that I should enjoy my hair because kinks are in. In other words : that I should stop complaining about it. I must admit I didn’t really see the connection between kinks being in or not and the fact that curly/kinky hair is very difficult to manage and sometimes complicated to deal with.

I’ve been natural for over 10 years now (Did something stupid in 2008 but that doesn’t count). Before that, I’ve relaxed my hair for about 10 years. And before that, my hair was kept natural. The problem is, as I’m multiracial, my mother being white just never could figure out what to do with my hair and couldn’t teach me a single thing about it.
Things were okay until I was 9 because my hair was very long and I always wore one or two big braids. But one day my mom decided to cut it very short because she found it too difficult to wash, comb and style. A little girl screaming for two hours when you’re trying to detangle her hair can get really nerve-racking – I guess.

So I went from this :


To this :


Please notice the smile in the before pic, and the “WTF” look on my face in the second one. Ooooh was I happy.

And so from there on kids started to make fun of me because I looked like a poodle, a sheep, a boy, the Jacksons 5… name it.

I grew up thinking I had the worst hair in the world and didn’t know what to do with it besides buns or ponytails. But that was until I discovered blow-drying. Then I spent a few years straightening my hair every week, fighting against the rain, the snow, the wind… you know what I’m saying. But that was until I discovered relaxers. Then the real trouble began.

I didn’t know how relaxers worked, so I went to this afro hair salon. I’ll never know wether the hairdresser didn’t like me or if she had missed a class in hairdressing school, but she relaxed my hair from the roots to the ends everytime I went there, which means every two months for 2 years.

My hair is veeeery thick and strong and I think it’s the only reason I’m not bald today.

Anyhow, one day I eventually said that to a girlfriend – didn’t think of mentioning it before, I didn’t even know there was a problem. I only knew my hair looked like sh*t, was dry as the Sahara, and almost cut my cheeks at night because it was so hard. The only thing that mattered to me by then was that it was straight and manageable.
Anyway, my friend looked at me with big eyes and told me it was a miracle I still had hair. So I stopped going to the hair salon and started relaxing my roots myself.

I remember hating my hair at that time, but as I said, it was manageable. At least.
I used to look at straight haired girls, envying their hair. I wanted their hair, I used to think they were the lucky ones. Like if I was born missing a leg or something. I simply couldn’t see my hair like a strength, a quality, something nice that made me special. I only felt handicapped. I tried to convince myself that straightening my hair made me part of the straight haired girls gang, glamorous and all, when I actually looked more like an old and worn out broom.

I think I would have relaxed my hair all my life if, when going to college, I hadn’t found myself tired of focusing on my hair instead of on my studies.

I remember one day looking at myself in the mirror, my roots being 2 inches long. You know when you have this adorable palm tree look, with the hair going up a little bit before falling back down like polluted waterfalls. It was time to relax.
But it was winter, it was cold outside and snowing, and I just didn’t feel like going out of the house. I had homework to do – homework that I loved because it was drawing homework – so suddenly I thought “Oh screw it. Damn hair. Do whatever you want.” And so it started to grow.
Months later I had to cut the relaxed part of my hair, which I did. I ended up curled up in my bathroom crying because as I’m tall, the little fro I had around my head made me look like a giant microphone.
Still, I don’t know why, I chose not to go back to relaxing only to gain a few inches. I decided to wait. And my hair grew and grew and grew. I didn’t have a clue about how to comb it, style it, wash it or take care of it. I was a newbie. I was getting mad at it 99% of the time. I thought so many times going back to relaxing you have no idea (or you do ;) ). But I did not. I waited. I learned, and tried stuff. And like any curly girl, years later, I’m still learning and trying stuff. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the hair will cooperate, sometimes it won’t.

The thing is, growing up, we all learn things about life, and the path I chose brought me closer to nature. Looking for the truth everywhere I now believe everything happens for a reason. And in “everything”, there is my hair. I was born with this hair. There must be a reason for that too. So although I still – and will always – get angry a lot at it, I now respect my hair for what it is : a part of me.
Actually it’s not that different from who I am. I’m pretty stubborn and rebellious too. What was I expecting from it ? ;)

So to answer the question “Am I against relaxing ?” I will say that I understand when girls with curly/kinky/nappy hair relax it. I understand because it’s complicated and sometimes expensive to take care of this kind of hair. I don’t judge girls who relax their hair. It can turn out very pretty when it’s done right. So no, I’m not the naturalista-power-dictator kind of girl, no.
On the other hand, I find curly/kinky/nappy hair not only beautiful, I find it magical. This kind of hair is strong in essence. It’s the root. The origins of hair. It’s a force of nature. It looks like there are magical powers in it. There’s something magical about a woman who walks proudly in the street with this big, voluminous, “do-you-have-something-to-say?” hair. She walks on top of the world. She couldn’t care less about what people think or say. She couldn’t care less about what products or beauty ideal the magazines are trying to sell her. She’s not discreet. She does not hide. She is there. She IS. And to have the courage and the pride to BE who you are, under everybody else’s eyes, THAT’S magical.

I also tend to find that a curly girl is always prettier when she wears her hair curly. Simply because it’s her ! Her true self ! How could it be better than that. She can be pretty with her hair straightened too. I blow-dry my hair sometimes and I like the way it looks. But I always end up being in a hurry to go back to my curls, and right after I washed my hair, seeing my curls living again in the mirror gives me the feeling I’m back to my true self.

If a girl relaxes her hair, I will respect her choice. But if I see the tiniest shadow of a doubt in her attitude, the kind of “I’d like to go natural but I’m afraid of what other people may think” I’ll definitely encourage her to stop putting dangerous chemicals on her head and to walk the path to learning to love herself in spite of others’ opinion. And to walk that path, you have to learn to love or at least accept every single thing about yourself. The curls are often a big part of the journey.

So people, I LOVE my hair. :D Still I fight with it all the time, and that’s why I find it funny to draw some of these experiences because I know – I hope hahaha – I’m not the only one having to deal with all of this.

Now, the HEIGHT.

I used to hate being tall too. I went to the same school from age 6 to age 16, and during all the time I’ve spent there, the same kids who made fun of me because of my poodle haircut made fun of me because of my height. I can tell you it’s very difficult to love something about yourself when everybody has been telling you you look ridiculous for over 10 years. I admit it, it took me ages to get over it !

I did model for 3 years or so, and it did help me accepting my height. I definitely wasn’t the tallest girl in the runway shows, and wearing heels seemed to be normal for all these giant beautiful girls so I started to think being tall wasn’t that of a curse. It still felt weird sometimes and I was having a hard time understanding what I was doing amongst the models, and I still had to work on myself a lot to stop focusing on what shorter people had to say about me all the time, but eventually it did help.
Some may think being a model should have cured everything instantly but it didn’t. My complexes were too deeply ingrained !

Another thing that helped me a lot is that my cousin is very tall too. She’s 6’3″ so we shared a lot of the tall girls problems and learned to laugh about it together. :D

The journey to accepting my height was pretty much the same as accepting my hair. One day I simply got sick of feeling bad about it. I thought that I came on Earth with these extra inches, so that I had to deal with it. There was reason for that too. I worked hard and had to hush my complexes often, but today I feel great about my height and wouldn’t let go half of one of my inches. I wear heels, I walk with my head up, I’m proud.

Still, like for the hair, being tall can be REALLY complicated because you have to deal with other people’s remarks, questions, and sometimes stupid attitude. That’s what I like to share through my comics, because again I know I’m not the only one going through this. :)

Lastly, the fact of being tall AND curly, let me tell yall, that’s something you better accept and love because otherwise, your life can be a hell of a nightmare. You simply CANNOT HIDE no matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter how hard you try. You are THERE. So yeah, some days you just feel like you could have used a little bit of invisibility but in the end, all that matters is to feel great about yourself at least 99% of the time. That’s where I’m at, so I’m able to laugh about everything that makes a curly and/or tall girl life’s sometimes irritating, and so that’s how and why I draw my lil comics




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  • So glad I finally found you! I’ve been seeing these comics for a good while now and had a hard time tracing it back. I feel your plight and your comics bring a smile to my face because they’re so true. I’m kinky-curly and I’m not exactly tall (I’m 5’7″ 1/2), but I do have the legs of a 5’11″ gal and the torso of a 5’2″ lady–yup, I’m disproportionately average and suffer from “tall girl legs” syndrome. Skirts, shorts, pants and dresses are always shorter than expected. Driving is a pain in the butt–scooting the seat back far enough for my legs to be comfortable makes it impossible to see over the steering wheel :-/. So I often end up with the steering wheel between my knees, just so I can see. Which my husband finds amusing. #stupidbucketseats. At least modern cars now have seat lifts! I can have leg room AND see over the steering wheel. :-D

  • OH. My. GOSH! I found you! xoxoxo Tell me why I was just doing a Google search looking for this one specific funny cartoon of a girl with a big afro lying face-down on the floor with the caption, “I CAN’T” over top of her, when in the search results I saw all these other cartoons called “Tall N Curly.” That IMMEDIATELY grabbed my attention because I too, am TALL and CURLY (more like, KINKY-CURLY, but yeah!) I just want to say, I’m SO HAPPY I found your website, and I really appreciate this story you told. YES, YES, YES….I can say I’ve been through ALL of this too! I’m 5’11, I’ve always been the tallest in class, but the youngest (I got skipped from 1st to 2nd grade in elementary school) so I was in HELL from 2nd grade until HIGH SCHOOL. I always struggled with my hair, weight and skin….it was the FOOLS I dealt with, honestly who had a problem with my height…I don’t think I ever had a problem with my height, at least…not consciously, but many a-time I wished I could have a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. Ughhh….I’m on my own path and learning how to LOVE, HEAL, and BE MYSELF! I’m still learning who I am, how to take care of my hair, etc. etc….so for me to by FATE find THIS website….whoa. I can laugh, and smile and KNOW for a fact that I’m not alone in these experiences. I haven’t read any comics yet (besides your makeover comic, which actually SCARED ME until I got to the end lol.) I’m a fresh, new reader! And I’m excited! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • HAAAAAAAAAAA :DDD Well now I can answer just like if it was the very first time I saw it ! lolll

      Well thank YOU for such a good energy and for your enthusiasm SOULar Lioness (love the name BTW ;) ) I’m very happy you found me too and you just spread sunshine on my day with your message you gotta know that :)))

      Thank you again and WELCOME !! :D

  • Freaking love these comics. I discovered them on pinterest. I hope one day we can get a real comic book :) I could so see myself reading a natural hair comic on an airplane or waiting room:)

  • Yes all my dresses are too short, yes i can’t wear high heels, no i’m not gonna show what my hair looks like, i did an updo on it and it took me ONE hour, no there is no donuts in my hair, it’s a bun. STORY OF MY LIFE! I’m a 5.11 ich french girl with black curly hair and even though, every little blonde straight hair keep telling me to try that or that product to make tin, i don’t, cause it makes me who i am and i’m kinda proud on it :).
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I found you on Pinterest and i was like: That’s it, that girl is my new best girl! All of your comics are hilarious and so true, particularly, the ones with the bed head. Gosh i hate my hair when i wake up ^^.
    Well, keep going, it’s awesome, i love it,

    One of your reader from France, Lots of Love,

  • Meanwhile I am a whole six feet with my short kinky hair…what’s a girl to do but be herself :) Thanks for the posts, it good to know how to just laugh at tall ‘n’ curly people problem seeing as I can relate to most of it.

  • OMG!!! Love your site and your thorough explanation about why and how. I can relate to all of it! I got the big chop too, unwillingly, in the 5th grade and was mistaken for a basketball playing boy for about a year 1/2. This was probably the worst year of my life. I love that you are sharing yourself in this way. It’s totally relatable and the beauty of it is that you (and I) grew to love ourselves– our height and our hair! (I’m 5′ 11 1/2″ also). Which is part of what makes life beautiful . . . growth. So glad to have found you.

    • Thank you so much and welcome on my blog Ayanna :D When my mom cut my hair very short kids were asking me if I was a boy or a girl, damn this hurts when you’re 9 yo !! :)

  • I just wanted to say that I am incredibly grateful to find this blog! I’m tall and have curly hair and for years I’ve hated myself and would always try to change myself to fit in to what was considered pretty, being short and having straight hair. Entering college, now as a freshman, I promised myself I would do my very best to embrace my height and hair. Your blog inspires me to keep trying because I know there’s other people out there struggling like me. My curly hair and height don’t make me ugly. We are all beautiful. Tall and curly girls united! Thank you so much for creating this blog! Reading you’re journey was great <3

    • Your curly hair and height CERTAINLY DON’T make you ugly !! They make you UNIQUE !! :D
      Thank you so much for your message Angelica, it’s very heartwarming :)))

  • Girl you are hilarious! I typically would not read such a long story but I loved reading about your journey. I am still laughing. I love your sense of humor about your hair and height. You’ve turned something that appeared a weakness into something very positive. Look forward to following you on social media and sharing your posts!

  • I am in awe of your blog!! I’ve been reading the few entries here and there on pinterest. I finally found your blog and can I tell you: You are me! OMG !!! I am the same exact height, with 3B 3C & 4A mixed hair. My mother was a black creole indian and my father is african american. My hair was a hot mess for many years. I also finally gave into my hair and slowly have learned to appreciate its curls over the past 6 years. It is amazing what we have to go through to learn to love ourselves as a whole person. We always knew God loves us irregardless. Why does it take so long for us to do the same? I know I am extremely happy, with my height and hair (could do better on the weight, lol). I am married to a 5’10′ caramel brother who fell in love with me because he liked my LONG legs (lots of smiles here). Thanks for this beautiful and insightful blog. Your art is supper amazing and you are definitely extremely talented. Keep up the great work and I pray you have inspired a whole new crop of ladies who are undecided about their hair (or height, lol). Look forward to your continued work. Sincerely, a tall & curly southern lady from central Louisiana

  • I’m 6′ 2″ and can totally relate to feeling like an alien at school, towering over pupils and teachers, not being able to go shopping with mates, getting snide comments from the guys at the dance… I finally accepted my height at 19 yrs and realised it wasn’t the end of the world being tall, and I could wear high heels if I wanted, and I even started dating men shorter than me (turns out the taller ones are mostly jerks). Just wish there had been a site like this when I was growing up!! Love your site soooooo much!!!

  • Love this! I’m 6’1, biracial with big hair. I’ve recently locked it but I’m dealing with and have dealt with the same issues. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi, It took me 18 years to love my hair, It’s so crazy from my Scottish/Irish roots. I used to wear it in braids everyday until I was 16. Now I like to make it as messy as I can. I love your blog, I’m going to show it to my mum when I see her next. She says I’m so lucky to have the products she never did. Really liking your drawings :)

  • just found your blog and love it!! I can’t relate to being tall (I’m a whopping 5′) but I’m right there with you on curly. I have some similar childhood pictures/stories in fact.

    thanks for the fun read and uplifting my spirit today.

  • Hey! I’m new here, just stumbled across you on twitter-the fantastic ’30 years of dancing’ and have been combing through your archives ever since. I’m above average height for a woman, but barely :) as a white woman raising a drop dead gorgeous, biracial, TALL, CURLY child who is the most beautiful things on the planet and we try to instill that every day in her- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I plan on showing her your comics, and introducing her to your blog. You’re my new hero. Am I gushing? Sorry! We work so hard to instill in our daughters (and son) that they should always be the strong, beautiful, tall, smart people they are-and sometimes it gets hard :/ so thank you again. Also forwarding your blog to my two younger sisters, who are also above average height (they both have some inches on me).

    • Hey Natasha :)

      Thank you so much for your heartwarming message !! And you’re WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME !! :D You can’t imagine how happy I am when I read a comment like this :)
      I hope your daughter – and son – will take the path of self love and stick to it ! And if I can help even a tiny bit… I’m filled with joy ! :)

  • I’m 5’1″, so I can’t really relate to the tall thing, but I can relate to being made fun of for my height. I’m often used as an arm rest (it’s NOT funny, its annoying), and I’m always mistaken for a child.

    I do have curly hair, though it’s not as curly as yours. I can force it to be ‘wavy’ if I sleep in braids but people don’t really know. I’d say it’s about medium, but I too sympathize with the ‘palm tree’ look.

  • Love it! I’m 5 foot 11 and a half, and also a 3B. And I’m in the military, so I have to wrangle it into a bun every day. Common questions: “Why do you need so many bobby pins?” “Can’t you smooth that down any?” “Why don’t you just cut it really short?”

    AAAAARGH. Love your site.

    • “Why don’t you just cut it really short ?”…. could people mind their own business…? “Why don’t you just get a nose job ?”


      Thank youuuu Genevieve ^^

  • I loveee this page the illustration is wonderful! Being 5’11 with the same curly hair I can relate……like a lot! All my friends and co workers are all short even my husband is short lol well keep you the amazing work and thanks for making me smile and laugh :)

  • Hey Tall n Curly! I’ve seen your comics for a while on my fb wall (some of my friends post the links) and I loved every single one of them, and finally I read you “about me” and wow your story is very similar to mine! I was born with soft straight hair, then it all fell, then it grew only in the middle of my head, curly(the only difference is that it was very thin hair, but it has its own special problems and cannot be tammed aswell -.-) then I had this long beautiful hair, always in braids, and braids, and more braids. They wanted to relax it but someone said my hair was to weak and thin(thank goodness)and it could fell completly. After that, they cut it, very short… Oh how i’ve suffer… It became more weak, more difficult to handle, and it was taking forever to grow. So i started using heat, lots of heat, oh and my hair got worse, because since is weak, it was getting butned very easily, so I had to keep cuting and everything was aweful… That was until I said “enough!!!” And stopped dealing with it, it was helpless :/ but then the “miracle” happened, and my hair started to show its beauty. Oh how happy I am! Its beautiful, curly and beautiful and its growing <3

    On the other hand, I am not tall at all, Actually I am very short, as in petite short and xs size… Some people might thing that there is nothing wrong with this(and although now I know there is nothing wrong, and that this is just me) there were a lot of difficulties growing up. Clothes wont fit me well(you should know this) and although im short, my legs are wayyyy too long, and super skinny(imagine the problem finding pants!) oh they made so much fun because of this T.T but now i have accepted every single detail in me. This is who I am and I am going to just be happy about how wonderful I am!

    Thanks for this awesome blog! It shows, that even in when its difficult being tall(in my case short and thin) and curly, you can be happy and love it!

    Awesome job, you have a new fan!

    • Hey Lunawinic !

      Thank you very much for your comment and for following the blog ! :D

      I just looked at your profile pic and your hair girl is just… NO WORDS !! BEAUUUUUUUUTIFUL !!!!! It would be terrible and a huge loss if you hadn’t learned to love it geez ! :)))

      Short people have their issues too. I know more of it now since I asked shorties to tell me about their stories. I must admit that I had no idea before but yes, we all have our share of problems ! But short, just like tall, is PERFECT ;) Let’s celebrate our inches !! :D

  • I’m tallish (5’9”) and kinky/curly/frizzy. The tall part has worked out well in sports and general confidence, but the hair has been the bane of my existence because in my case, it DOESN’T look good on me in its natural state. I need to either soften it with a little blow-drying or flat ironing, or completely straighten it, but air dried is very unflattering with my face.

    I can make it look good but then 5 minutes later it pouffs in the humidity. Relaxers gave me a ton of damage and didn’t help with the frizz or curl. Gels/mousses/oils/serums did not block out the frizz.

    Four years ago I started using UNCURLY to do my own keratin treatments and it has completely changed my life. I can wear my hair straight or curly or anywhere in between. It does not frizz AT ALL in any humidity, even when I’m in Florida. I can blow dry it in 10 minutes instead of 40 and it stays put. It makes my hair soft, too, instead of my natural brillo feel. It is NOT a chemical relaxer. It slowly wears off over about 5 months and then I re-do it. My first keratin treatment was in a salon and because I have so much hair it cost $400. I probably spend about $40 a year with UNCURLY and it is just as good.

    I respect the natural hair decision, but I consider this natural “with benefits” because it hasn’t altered my curl pattern or broken bonds. It’s just makes easier to straighten and resistant to frizzing. Now I actually can wear it “natural” because it is more controlled and doesn’t frizz. This has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

  • You just erased future fears I have. I’ve decided to wear my natural hair for a while and I’m using the blog to help vent my feelings about. This really just placed a mirror to my face. But also gave me the courage. Thank you.

  • Wow!! So glad I found your blog!! This was an interesting read! It was like a juicy novel. Well written :). You’ve got a new follower here. It’s amazing to embrace the things you cannot change. Some people never get to that point and live a life of turmoil. You’re very inspiring.

    • Thank you Nicky :) You’re right, some people never do. I so remember how I felt when I didn’t love myself that I just hope people can find some little comfort reading the comics of someone who killed the monster :)

  • I too am tall and curly!

    What I love most about curly hair is when straight haired people feel the need to tell me what I should do with it. I straighten my hair maybe twice a year just for something different. Which opens a window for every person with straight hair to make the most predicatble and ignorant comments ever “how long does that take?!” “Straight hair people want curly hair and curly hair people want straight hair!” “You actually look amazing with straight hair, you should do it all the time!!”.

    I fully embrace my curls. They are so much lower maintenance than straight hair, now that I know how to manage them. I am thankful I don’t have to blowdry it every morning, and I love that it only needs to be washed once a week.

    I adore your blog.

    • Thank you and welcome :)))

      “Straight hair people want curly hair and curly hair people want straight hair!” OMG ! I jut forgot to mention that anywhere… lol
      I DON’T KNOW how many times I’ve heard this, but the weird thing is I never heard it from a curly/kinky/nappy person ! What does that mean hmmmm…. :)

  • I’m trying to figure out how in the world you were made fun of….I would have been enamored with all of that hair if I was in your class through those years and would have been disappointed if you had allowed it to shrink down like that but I understand (to a point) why you did that.

    I was one of the boys lucky enough to never truly be outgrown by the girls during grade school so I was all about tall and skinny (and curly) just because it was a nice departure from all of the perms I used to see, and smell for that matter, hence the reason I used to love going to the Bronx and seeing all of the Puerto Rican girls my age lol.

    That being said, I’m glad I stumbled across this blog…you have a fantastic sense of humor and great writing style. Keep growing and helping all of these women out here young and old to grow.


    • Hey Ricardo ! :)

      Well you have no idea how happy I would have been to have at least one boy like you in my class lol
      Boys not liking my hair and making fun of it for years helped the thought that curly hair is a defect make its way though my mind a lot that’s for sure. Even curly boys didn’t like my curls, I mean… !

      Thank you for your message and for following my lil comics tall and curly guy ! :)

  • I absolutely love your blog. I am also bi racial and for the longest time couldnt figure out how to deal with my hair. I never got the nerve to relax it, I was always afraid it would all fall off. A year ago I finished college and took a little break, that involved alot of days by a pool and somehow couldnt be bothered with styling my hair or straightening it. All I lived on was a whole load of leave in conditioner! And one day, I had to run to the super, I was just going to tie up my hair as usual when I noticed It actually looked pretty good.
    Now, I let it down when im not at work and absolutely love the way it looks. Its so different! Its big, its got a mind of its own. The attention it draws, love that too, from the startled looks, to the intriqued looks, to the looks of jealousy from those who have given up on their own.
    My only problem, I still havent figured out how to go out and dance all night long without ending up like an atomic bomb went off in my hair.

  • I can across your blog while looking up stuff to post on my FB page “Tall Girls” I shared your blog on there. It’s a new page I just started cause I myself is very tall (6feet even) lol If you want feel free to like my page ^ _ ^ But I will follow your blog. It’s nice to know there are other girls as all as me out there and would like to connect :) Keep up the great work ^ _ ^ your drawings are amazing <3 https://www.facebook.com/TallGirlsUnite

  • Thank you for writing this hilarious and very truthful comic, I have read nearly the whole thing in one sitting. I too am very curly and very tall (5’11′ and 3/4), and have endured pretty much every situation you describe – including having my hair being cut off when I was a small child because my parents just didn’t know what to do with it. It grew upwards, like Marge Simpson, for years – a very strange look on a child who was about a foot taller than her peers.

  • Hi :) I just wanted to let you know how much I love your website. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself tall, (5 5’5 at the moment, that could change in a month haha) but for 13 I’m pretty tall. Anyway, I have 3a-3b (more 3b) hair that’s extremely thick. I am fair skinned but my dad has thick hair that can be a ‘fro if long enough (Think Merida but with dirty blonde colored hair, sadly haha, and not quite as long) . My mom has curly (thin) hair so I guess I was kinda doomed aha.

    I, until about 4 months ago, didn’t know what products to use and how to use them and etc. for my hair.. It took me 2 years after constantly straightening my hair and braiding it so it was wavy. I love your comics and they make me laugh and appreciate my curly hair

    Also, have you ever had a day were your hair looks horrible but decide your not going to even try to make it work, then someone compliments your hair. Best feeling in the world.

    Now that I’m done rabling on, thanks again for making me appreciate my crazy hair,

    X Rebecca

  • You are hilar! LOL! I enjoyed reading your About Me Post. It’s funny I’ve never thought that you hated your hair or height. I found your comics to be more self appeciation than an expression of “self hate” for lack of better word. I think people project because they (or perhaps have in the past) harbor feelings of shame/insecurity/ or whatever. Your blogs bring me joy. Please keep them coming.

    • Well you’re right ! My blog IS about self appreciation ! I hated my hair and height when I was younger, as I wrote it in that post, but I grew up you know ;) Now it’s all about enjoying my curls and inches ! :D

  • I have weird wavy/curly/not-sure-what-it-wants-to-be hair so I relaxed it, and I’m happy now.. =D And I’m tall too! On the road to accepting myself (though straightened hair saves me a lot of trouble).
    I love this blog. :)

  • Hi, I love your blog, I’m a 4a, 4b.natural, and I absolutely love it, but. As my hair is growing I am noticing, it takes forever for it to dry!!!!.do you have the same issue,??…lol

  • My daughter is also the beautiful bi-product of interracial parents…and let me tell you, even as a black woman I still have no idea what to do with her hair! I just hope your blog is still around when she (and her soon-to-be little sister) old enough to read and start feeling bad about her hair/height. Because everyone should have someone they relate to, even if it’s someone they’ve never met. :-) Love the blog!

    • Thank you Shanel !! :)) Do you already know they’re going to be tall ?
      Do you know that site ? chocolatehairvanillacare.com It’s full of stuff for parents of mixed kids who don’t know how to deal with their hair ;)

  • HEY. I’m 6′! but I only have 2B hair. I totally understand the tall jokes, though. UGH. Finally grew into it by the time I was 21. Love it when people exclaim to me, “You are really tall!” as if I never noticed before. :)

  • Thanks to a fellow curly, I am absolutely enamored with this heartfelt post! You basically painted a picture of my curly stuggles as I AM TALL AND CURLY TOO!!!!! I couldn’t tell you how much this post was the one I got featured on CurlyNikki.com http://www.curlynikki.com/2013/05/krystal-cordovas-naturally-glam.html which is so similar to how I used to have to listen to my mom and give in to the relaxer :( Needless to say, I am STILL struggling with my mane which leads me to spending SO MUCH MONEY on products that last me less than a month. I feel like my hair is the biggest driest of sponges and any product that I apply lasts no more than 2-3 days. It will continue to be my mission to find the “perfect product” but EY, the fro embodies everything I’ve ever wanted and continue to be: free, wild and full of life! Kudos to you naturalista <3

  • P.S
    My point being I wish I was tall and curly. I have been wishing that since I was a kid. You must be stunning!!!!

  • Totally understandable! Actually right after I posted to you I said the same thing to myself and ended up doing something different. Thank you for your little drawings, I always come to your blog when I need a little laugh. Xo

  • Hey there! I’m moderately obsessed with your blog because the little cartoon is me! I’m about 5’10/5’11 with big curly hair just like that. I’m looking to redo my blog + I wanted to use one of your drawings for a banner (giving you credit of course) but wanted to contact you first beforehand to see if it would be okay? I love your art!

    • Hi Jillaine ! Thank you very much tall n curly friend :)

      I’m very happy that you recognize yourself in my little character :) but although I’m fine with you sharing or posting any of my comics on your blog, I hope you’ll understand that this character is my blog’s visual identity, so please do not use it as a banner. Besides that, you can share anything you want ;)

  • I just discovered your blog, and all I can say is YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER.
    I’m in my early teens, tall and very curly. I’m the only mixed-race girl in my class and I never wear my hair out in it’s natural afro state because I know I’m just going to have a bunch of hobbits sticking their hands in my hair -.-.
    reading your blog has really helped me; In fact I am building up my confidence and who knows, I might just wear it out someday ;).
    Again Thank you so much, you help me get through my day (and school especially).

    • wow ! a little me :))) Well you’re so very welcome sweetie :)

      Oh you’ll see, one day you WILL wear it out, you have time to get used to your uniquess :) You still have time ahead of you to realize how lucky you are. The most important thing is that you eventually DO realize it ;)

      Teenage years were very hard, looking back. Feeling so different when all you wish is to blend in is VERY difficult I know… But WHY ? WHY do we want to blend in, WHY standing out is so annoying when we’re young…? After that, you spend all your life trying to be unique and special, and to stand out ;)

      I think as teenagers are building their own identity, they don’t know who they are yet, they haven’t live enough to know themselves, they haven’t experienced life enough to know what they like or not, what they want or not… so during that time, as they’re not sure of themselves, they would rather hide instead of showing someone they’re not certain of. You need to know and love yourself very well to stand tall and proud in front of everyone else.

      Just just think of it that way : teach yourself not to make your height and your curly hair an embarassment or a handicap. Tell yourself again and again that you only own something unique and precious, something that you need to understand, that you need to learn to handle, something you need to know by heart before letting it shine into the world. One day you’ll be ready, you’ll feel great about yourself, you’ll love every single thing about yourself, and when that day comes, I bet you’ll spread your gigantic wings and gigantic hair and will shine like you wouldn’t have ever imagined. :)

    • Thanks ;D As a kid I wanted to live in Africa so I could own a giraffe of my own :) Sometimes I’m wondering if THAT’S the real reason why I grew so much… damn spirit of the giraffe !! ;p

  • Hey,

    I’m new to your blog & I must admit I absolutely love it! I find it (freakishly) relatable and downright hysterical!!

    Being the tallest girl everywhere I go (I am also 5’11 and 1/2;) was pretty difficult for me deal with while growing up & I too have curly kinky hair. Unlike you though, I have not embraced my natural hair and I ALWAYS have it straight (blowout every weekend). Anyways, it was tough not having anyone to relate with while growing up and stumbling upon your blog made me realize that I’m not the only tall & curly out there! Thanks for your honesty & humor, I’ve bookmarked your page so I can keep following …

    Sheila :)

    • Hello Sheila ! Thank you so much ! :)

      What don’t you like about your curly hair ? The hair itself ? Or the fact that it makes you feel even taller ?

      I remember something a friend told me once when I used to wear my hair straight. I was trying to explain that I felt taller with big curly hair and that it made me stand out too much, and she told me “oh I see… I mean yeah… you’re so much shorter and invisible that way…” :)

    • Haha, you’re friend is so right about that! Unfortunately my dislike for my curly hair stems from a very personal trauma I endured as a child. It has been over 10 years since I really LOVED my curly hair. I mean, I like it… but only in the summer when I do not have another choice (i.e at the beach, pool, amusement park, etc.) haha!!

      Nevertheless, you have opened my eyes to being more accepting of its natural beauty, and I so appreciate that! It is very true that laughter is the best remedy for any pain and tallncurly.com may just be the kick in the butt I needed to rock my natural hair! I think the world will be seeing some CURL POWER this summer :) THANK YOU!

      Time to be Fierce!

    • HAHA you’re WELCOME !! :D As long as there are curls everywhere I’m happy :D

      And you don’t have to speak about it but I’m very curious to know what trauma you endured that made you dislike your hair that much :s

    • I am not sure the world wide web is the best place to post such information… As I mentioned, it is personal, but to make a long history short: a VERY BAD person from my childhood liked my curly hair, a lot. Sporting the curls does not help in shaking those memories out of my head, no pun intended!

      Random question: are you on instagram? I can tag you when the CURL POWER is rocking this summer!

      Best :)

    • Oh no… I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that kind of answer at all… I wouldn’t have insisted :s
      That is terrible.. Indeed the web isn’t the best place to discuss this, but if I just can say something. Two persons really close to me went through the same kind of story. One never recovered, the other one tried to put it behind and move forward. They’ve had two very different lives, very very different lives… I don’t know how old you are and how far behind you this is, but I just hope you’ll be able to remember how perfect you were when you came on this planet, and how perfect you still are. I understand the bad memories. Then hopefully one day you’ll be able to see yourself as one whole perfect being who can be freed from all things, and I hope that day you’ll see your hair as one of the most beautiful and powerful things about yourself… :)

      Instagram. I created an account a few months ago because some people asked me, but I don’t remember if I closed it or what, what I know is I never went back ! I will check it and tell you. I must say instagram and twitter are the two social medias I just can’t seem to grasp :)

    • Thank you for your kind words, and I am deeply sorry that two people close to you have similar stories! We must allow those negative parts of our pasts be the drivers that push us towards greatness in the future.. I’ve never let my past define me and, instead I’ve seen those experiences as fuel to push forward be the best human I can be. Your words really touched me, you are wonderful woman and I am so glad we connected, virtually anyways!

      Agreed, instagram took me some time to grasp, when you get that running please let me know.. I’d love to follow your stories there also.


    • Well I’m really happy to read this :) You’re a strong woman :) and I can’t wait to see that strong woman with strong curls haha !

      I’ll let you know about instagram, if it’s still open I think I have only one picture uploaded, gotta work on this ;)

      Take good care of yourself !

    • Sorry for the delayed reply!

      Please keep me posted, thank you soo much, its people like you that keep us Tall & Curlies strong!!

      Have a wonderful memorial day weekend! !

      God Bless

  • So glad I found your blog! I love graphic bloggers!

    I don’t consider myself tall (I’m 5’9) since I have many friends that are over 5’11 (making me relatively short) but I guess others would. And my hair is curly. CURLY. CURLY!!! Not those beautiful Botticelli curls that looks straight when wet. Not that, Jennifer Freeman just hangs before it ‘hangs out’ curls. I have those teeny, tiny coils; curly hair that shoots up like little arms reaching from the underworld to grab random bits of tree debris because even when it’s only 8 inches long, you’re close to the branches since you’re so tall.

    I had sort of given up on my hair. Wash it when it’s gross and put it in a single braid. But my hair truly loves moisturizing sessions and twists so the skit about needing an entire day for your hair was so close to home I could touch it from my window.

    But I feel re-inspired. When nothing you do (flats, hats…) can help you hide, it feels like anything additional is a cry for attention. But you’re helping me realize that my needs are not additional, they’re exceptional. I’m going about life all wrong if my goal is about reducing my existence so as to fit in.

    So yay!

    • I just loved your message, thank you for taking the time to write it :)

      It’s amazing to see that some little comics can bring something more than just a good laugh sometimes !

      You’re right where you should be : not additional, EXCEPTIONAL. I like to think that everything that makes us special is indeed not an addition of elements but a multiplication of strengths. They all combine and grow exponentially and as soon as we realize this, our confidence, our pride and our strength simply have no limit, making us the women we were born to be. Trying to run from who we are and from how we are is pointless and such a waste of time. Until our very last breath, we’ll be who and how we are. I hope that when that day comes I know I’ve made the most of it :)


  • Wow! You are truly gifted! I absolutely love the site–please keep up the great work! I am also very tall 6’1” and I have big curly natural hair. So this is the story of my life lol. It took me a while to become comfortable with how God created me, but I have finally arrived. Now, I love my uniqueness! It’s what makes us beautiful!

    Thanks so much for creating this fun and empowering blog! I will be following and spreading the word to all my fabulous tall ‘n curly friends!

    • Thank you very much Tall N Curly friend ! :D I’m glad you found me and happy to know you now realize that life is way more beautiful with a little extra curls and extra inches ;D welcome !

  • Just wanted to say Hi from a tall N curly girl. I am 6.1 and i have not only very curly hair but it’s also ;-) needless to say that makes for happy teenage years. I, now, love my height and my hair!

  • u r so rite my mom is so not going to touch my hair again now i do my own hair now and now i now how to take care of this big kinky curly coily thick hair but im still retransisioning all i do is just watch youtube vids of how to take care of my hair and i go on naturally curly as well to to check out some hair products that will work well for my hair type

  • This is a wonderfully amusing, quirky, honest manifesto. Everybody isn’t tall N curly, but I think most folks can identify with the process of reconciling the good, bad, and ugly as we grow in our concepts of self. LOVE this and will be following your adventures!

    • Thank you ! :) Yes, we’re all “something N something” and we all have to learn to love 100% of it :) Laughing is a good way to learn I believe ;) Welcome and thank you for following ! :)

    • Thank you very much lady :) Let’s talk ! haha :D

      I was curious to see your site, love the little drawing of you ! But didn’t see any of your work, am I blind ?

  • i also use to not like my hair growing up i hade long very healthy curly kinky big and very thick hair my mom i would say did okay but wat i hated the most was her combing when she was done i would have a huge hair ball come out of the comb then suddenly she texturized it that thing burned my scalp off it was suppose to make my curls looser but it made it straight my hair was doing fine back then i was texturizing it fir 2 yrs kindergartan and first grade then she cut it off like ur length so i wore extensions lol then it grew bra strap and was healthy then my mom texturized again then i had scalp burns on my scalp my edges from one side looked liked someone tooke a shavor and shaved my edges but it was from the texturizer so my mom cut a couple inches off its short now its like shoulder length im retransitioning still im going to big chop at the end of december trust me my mom is not gonna touch my hair again

    • Oh my ! I’m so sorry to read this it’s terrible ! Oh my… Moms sometimes…
      Well I’m very happy to see you gained back control over your head ! It’s YOURS ! Take good care of it now and yeah, don’t let your mom EVER touch it again ! :-O

  • Wow…I like this…I’m 6’1…when I’m slouching, I drop to 6’0. I’ve been natural for a year and love to wear big twist outs…by the time I’ve put on my heels (the taller the better), and pushed out my hair, I’m damn near 6’5 and I absolutely love it!!!

  • Love your blog. I’m 52 years old, 5’11″, size 10-12. Growing up I had no other support from others about being tall other than my family. I love what you a other young bloggers are doing to create a community of support and expression for tall women. As a tall teen I was ridiculed so viciously that I hated being tall. In my 30′s I begain to embrace my tallness despite what anyone said or how hard they starred. I enjoy your sense of humor as well.

    • Hello Paulette ! :)
      Yes, we have to stick together ! Growing was not easy for me either even if I’m younger than you, difference is and always will be the greatest reason behind bullying unfortunately… that’s why we all have to try to love ourselves and teach our kids the same, as this will never stop it’s the only way to become bulletproof to these attacks! :)
      You’re waaaaaaaaaaaay younger than her so you have time ;) but my beloved grandmother was very tall too for her generation and always used to tell me she hated it when she was younger, but getting older she thought it was a good thing because while all her friends were shrinking down to the ground, she was shrinking too but was still tall, and even, she was happy to finally be average for the first time of her life :)

  • Evan if your really taller than me I can still understand. I’m 4’8 by the way turning 16 on March 15th. I get teased all the time for being short and it’s something I have to deal with because it is what it is. I don’t know what you look like in person but I believe you’re a beautiful women and everyone is beautiful in their own way. I have an aunt that’s 5’9/10 and she’s beautiful she’s more of a natural person and I feel that she’s should use what she has and be a model because if I was tall and skinny id’e rock the Modeling world! What i’m saying is when people ask if your a Model it’s a compliment!

  • You rock! I just found your blog and your cartoons had both me AND my hubby so tickled!

    I love your work and your story. I think a lot of we curlies had some security issues growing up, but there’s so much magic in accepting and then loving who you were created to be!

    I’m a dark ‘n curly, lol! Once I saw/realized the breathtaking beauty in my rich chocolate skin and the spirit of each of my bouncy curls, I was head over heels in love!

    Keep up the awesome art so others can realize their magic powers too!


  • I’m 6’3″, natural and a freshman in college. I haven’t been one to get annoyed when people ask questions and make statements about my height until recently. Maybe it’s because I’m realizing that there is more to me than my height and hair, but that’s something I’ll figure out in time. I just wanted to say I love this blog, explains my life!

  • Wow! im 5’11 3/4″ and i totally get you!! Im also a new natural with 4a-4c hair….its refreshing to see this site!! Thank you!

    • You’re welcome AND welcome Tall and Curly friend !! :D

      5’11 3/4 ?! HOW PRECISE IS THAT !! HAHAHAHA But I get it !! You are NOT 6′ !!! ;DDDD

    • Welcome Tall N Curly friend !! :D 6 feet tall with 4 inch heels?! You’re my hero !!! :D I don’t even think my feet are technically able to wear some of these ! I need to train them !!

  • I’m 5’9 and I had to get use to being tall, but I have to say going to college changed my mindset when a guy called me an Amazon. lol I never was called that I was usually called the Statue of Liberty, Giraffe, Big Ria, or whatever else you can think of. Although, she’s a fictional character, I look at Wonder Woman because she’s confident and sure with herself.

  • I totally understand I’m 5’11″ and I was the tallest girl in my class until I got to middle school and then I was the second tallest!! It was hard growing up listening to the jokes. Even though my permed my hair it was still so thick that when I wore my hair in a ponytail it looked like a big poof ball. So I’ve heard it all and it just got to a point where they started to sound redundant and I accepted myself for who I was. I love being tall and curly( now that I’ve gone natural)!!

    • Hi Jiovani !

      Nice to meet you Tall N Curly fellow ! :-) I was the second tallest too but the tallest was a boy so… It didn’t help me much ;)

      I’m wondering if I didn’t actually get “big poof ball” as a nickname once haha ;D

      Well yeah… it all gets redundant at some point so the only solution is : freedom baby ! :D

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