Tall N Curly™

I draw comics about being a tall girl with curly hair to show girls who think they're too tall and girls who wished they had straight hair why they need to free themselves and how to love themselves just how they are :) I also speak about random women and life matters, as well as music, beauty and health. Welcome ! ;)

January 2013

Curly Kinky Hair Business : Can I pet your hair ?

Hahaha XD I love this cat, had to do something with him XD


Spending some time on SketchBookPro… Sometimes I tend to forget I have real work to do. :) Have a nice evening Tallies and Curlies !

Freeze !


Updating my “About” section

Hello Tallies and Curlies :) I’m taking the time to write this post because I’ve received a few messages asking me if I keep my hair natural or not, if I have relaxed my hair before, and if I’m against relaxing. I also got a comment on my Pinterest profile that made me realize some people might think that because I draw all these comics about being tall and curly,

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