Tall N Curly™

I draw comics about being a tall girl with curly hair to show girls who think they're too tall and girls who wished they had straight hair why they need to free themselves and how to love themselves just how they are :) I also speak about random women and life matters, as well as music, beauty and health. Welcome ! ;)

November 2012

Up in flames

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Better communication

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Curly Kinky Hair Business : Because I’m paid for it

Ok. So I will speak first – before any Beyoncé’s fan who would suddenly feel like shooting me or something.So I love Beyoncé, I think she’s an incredible singer and an amazingly beautiful woman. And don’t get me wrong : if I was getting paid what she’s getting paid to make these commercials, I would also be there smiling under my wig, whipping it and all and selling whatever I was

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Definition of The Tall Girl

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