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November 2012

Up in flames

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Better communication

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Curly Kinky Hair Business : Because I’m paid for it

Ok. So I will speak first – before any Beyoncé’s fan who would suddenly feel like shooting me or something.So I love Beyoncé, I think she’s an incredible singer and an amazingly beautiful woman. And don’t get me wrong : if I was getting paid what she’s getting paid to make these commercials, I would also be there smiling under my wig, whipping it and all and selling whatever I was

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Definition of The Tall Girl

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Curly Kinky Hair Business : Hope

Here are my favorite products right now (last update : august 2014) (Please note the Giovanni Cosmetics 2Chic Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask Avocado and Olive Oil is absolutely crazy.)              Get the last image of the comic on a mug !

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