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Curly Kinky Hair Business : Cancelled

Have you ever spent hours doing your hair knowing you’re going out tonight ? Managing to make this a good hair day ? Having it collaborating and becoming more and more excited thinking of the moment when you’ll show your amazing curls shining under the moonlight to everyone ? Thinking you’ve NEVER looked so good, only to have your somebody tell you that it’s all been cancelled?
I know you have.
At least once.

Be turned into a cartoon : Hannah’s true story – Front line

After I launched the “Be turned into a cartoon” comics series, I received so many stories from you tall and/or curly ladies I can’t even believe it ! :D So I will post some of them once in a while, which will take some time as you sent me so many amazing / funny / odd / terrible stories I could do this and only this for months lol So here’s the third comic

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Curly Kinky Hair Business : tell me one of your stories !

Let’s do the same with the Curlies ! (Tallies version here) Curlies ! Be turned into a cartoon ! Tell me the funniest / weirdest / meanest comments and questions you’ve ever heard about your hair ! Answer here or on my Facebook page  ! If there’s a profile pic of you anywhere or if you’re willing to send me a picture later, you could be turned into a cartoon

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