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Braiding your own hair

It always happens doesn’t it? You wake up, you look at yourself in the mirror, and suddenly this amazingly bright idea pops into your head : today you want braids.
Not the let’s-take-an-appointment-at-the-hair-salon-next-week kind of braids.
The right-now kind. The it-will-only-take-an-hour-or-so kind.

10 best fruits and vegetables for happy, growing and healthy hair

You’re looking for the magic formula.
The formula that will erase your deadly worry. The nagging thought that your hair is not quite healthy.

The right nutrients have the power to prevent breakage, to diminish hair loss, to stimulate hair growth.
But you should get them in the form of food. The question is: what exactly should you eat?

Let’s take a look at a list of the best foods you should be eating regularly to help you have beautiful hair.

A tall and curly girl’s life : losing it

As a tall and curly girl, I’m used to people asking me about my height and hair but somedays it feels like things turn into some huge conspiracy.

Beautiful health

When I was thinking about what subjects I would like to talk about on my new site, the question of beauty obviously came to mind.

I often receive messages asking me about my hair routine : “What products do you use to define your curls ?”, “What products do you use to moisturize your hair ?” and since I posted a picture of my hair on my instagram “What do you do to retain the length ?” are the questions I’m most often asked.

I will write a post about how I take care of my hair but today I want to write about something that will lay the foundations for my next Beauty and Health articles.

Curly Kinky Hair Business : Cancelled

Have you ever spent hours doing your hair knowing you’re going out tonight ? Managing to make this a good hair day ? Having it collaborating and becoming more and more excited thinking of the moment when you’ll show your amazing curls shining under the moonlight to everyone ? Thinking you’ve NEVER looked so good, only to have your somebody tell you that it’s all been cancelled?
I know you have.
At least once.

Curly kinky hair business : Puppy love

click on image to see full size

Be turned into a cartoon : Hannah’s true story – Front line

After I launched the “Be turned into a cartoon” comics series, I received so many stories from you tall and/or curly ladies I can’t even believe it ! :D So I will post some of them once in a while, which will take some time as you sent me so many amazing / funny / odd / terrible stories I could do this and only this for months lol So here’s the third comic

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