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Beautiful health

When I was thinking about what subjects I would like to talk about on my new site, the question of beauty obviously came to mind. I often receive messages asking me about my hair routine. “What products do you use to define your curls ?”, “What products do you use to moisturize your hair ?” and since I posted a picture of my hair on my instagram “What do you do

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Curly kinky hair business : Puppy love

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Be turned into a cartoon : Hannah’s true story – Front line

After I launched the “Be turned into a cartoon” comics series, I received so many stories from you tall and/or curly ladies I can’t even believe it ! :D So I will post some of them once in a while, which will take some time as you sent me so many amazing / funny / odd / terrible stories I could do this and only this for months lol So here’s the third comic

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9 reasons why straight hair is better…

  Want an explanation ?? Read this ! ;)

Curly Kinky Hair Business : tell me one of your stories !

Let’s do the same with the Curlies ! (Tallies version here) Curlies ! Be turned into a cartoon ! Tell me the funniest / weirdest / meanest comments and questions you’ve ever heard about your hair ! Answer here or on my Facebook page  ! If there’s a profile pic of you anywhere or if you’re willing to send me a picture later, you could be turned into a cartoon

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