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32 thoughts on “Follow Tall N Curly™

  1. I can really relate to your strips. As is everything from your blog is a biography about my life. It is so much fun to read!
    Love, from holland!


    I too am tall with lots of thick hair. 6’1″….your website header gives me life! LOL!

    Keep up the site. Its pure awesomeness :)

  3. Finally someone who knows my pain 5’9 1/2 and transitioning, but I still love my heels 4 inches or better. Keep up the great work I love it.

  4. I adore this blog. I’m 6′ with insanely thick wavy hair that is constantly trying to knit itself into dread locks. I wish I had found this blog 15 years ago when I was the only tall girl at school. I have grown since then and adore my hippy hair, still in a love hate relationship with my height. Love this blog!

  5. I love your blog sooo much! I´m 4´9 with thick insanely curly, dark brown hair. I´m a short n curly!
    I love all your comics !
    I can really relate to all the comic strips about curly hair.
    The ones about being tall have kinda opened my eyes. I´ve always thought being tall was the best thing ever until now.
    It´s really nice to see I´m not the only one that doesn´t straighten my hair everyday. (even if the straight haired devil does pop up once a year)
    Please upload more often! These really bring a smile to my face! I love every single one of them!

  6. OMG!!! Its like you’ve lived my life. i just read your strip and its insane how much i can relate to it. right down to the little straight-haired-nicole-lookalike-devil!!!

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