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5 years already of living in a Michaeless world

I miss you Michael… <3    

The book “My hair is so happy” is out !

Well here it is people !  The book  My hair is so happy written by Nik Scott & illustrated by me ! Please share the love so every little curly princess can read a book where each and every little girl is a confident and happy curlie ! ;) Buy the book (paperback and Kindle version) on Amazon now ! :) For more information, ask here !

Tribute to the hair I once lost !

Hello Tallies and Curlies ! Before starting with my post of the day, I just wanted to say that I’ve received so many messages from so many shorties I’m amazed ! AND I want to apologize for taking so much time to answer to each message I just didn’t expect so many stories ! :D Meanwhile I would like to say to the shorties who took the time to send

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Hello Tallies and Curlies ! :) Just a lil post to say that there will be watermarks on my comics from now on… And this pisses me off as watermarks are ugly, that’s why I had decided to only put a signature at the bottom of my comics. But as I’ve just received the zillionth – yes I love to exagerate – message telling me it was complicated to find

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Meet Lydia :) I don’t know who she is, she was born last night and just wanted to say “hello” I guess ;)


Spending some time on SketchBookPro… Sometimes I tend to forget I have real work to do. :) Have a nice evening Tallies and Curlies !

A different holiday season

So. I know this blog is the not the emotional kind of blog. Here, I don’t write about love, or fears, or love, of fears, or love, or fears, or endless existential questions. I know. Still, I wanted to post this. Just because this Christmas, one of the most important beings in my life passed away. Because all my life, she was there for me, when nobody else was. She

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