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A tall and curly girl’s life : losing it

Obviously, worst things are happening in the world right now than the story I’m about to tell you, but in my very own small and shallow universe, that was DRAMA. You know like when the tap has been leaking for over an hour but you’re so lazy you’d rather train your mind not to acknowledge it like a yogi than get off your butt and go turn it off ?

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Extreme Makeover

  Tall N Curly is having an extreme makeover !

A tall girl’s life : Runnin’ runnin’ & runnin’ runnin’

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Be turned into a cartoon / A tall girl’s life : Shannon’s true story

Here’s another comic from the “True stories” series. I read that one only yesterday but had to do it as I thought it was more than perfect… true comic material ! So here’s Shannon’s true story : “Eat your vegetables” !

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A tall girl’s life : going shopping with your short BFF + Long Tall Sally exclusive discount !

Yaaay ! Tall N Curly readers can claim an exclusive 15% off your order + free shipping + free returns using the code TC14 on Long Tall Sally’s website ! Terms and Conditions For use online only at LongTallSally.com and by phone through customer service. Code valid until April 30, 2014.

A tall girl’s life : School gossip

Tallies and Curlies ! I asked you to send me your true stories and you did ! :) The first one I decided to turn into a comic is Chekwube’s story : A tall girl’s life in high school. RELATED : LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH Send me your true story here ! You too might be turned into a comic !

A tall girl’s life : tell me one of your stories !

Hello Tallies ! I wanna hear your stories ! Tell me about the most funny / weird / nasty / mean thing that anyone has ever said to you about being a tall person ! You can answer here or on my Facebook page. If there’s a profile pic of you anywhere or if you’re willing to send me a picture later, you could be turned into a  cartoon character that

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A tall girl’s life : Christmas gifts

When you’re tall, people sometimes tend to see you even taller than you are. In some minds, people are either tiny, average, or huge. My aunt Lydia, she sees me as Godzilla or as one of these Pacific Rim robots. EVERY YEAR, Aunt Lydia buys me clothes, and EVERY YEAR, I hear her say the EXACT SAME THING. But I also heard the EXACT SAME THING dozens of times at Christmas

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