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Other things you cannot do with my drawings 

You cannot use my comics or drawings as or in a logo or banner for a blog or website or brand.

You cannot print my comics or drawings on tshirts or mugs or on any kind of item.

Thank you !  :)

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Tall N Curly by Tall N Curly is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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TNC_V_bedheadlook     TNC_V_atthemovies     TNC_V_hope     TNC_V_busy     TNC_V_opticalillusion     TNC_V_definitionofthetallgirl     TNC_V_hobbits     TNC_V_letsgetthisstraight     TNC_V_beyonceboreal     TNC_V_merida     TNC_V_slugz_sms     TNC_V_slugz_upinflames     TNC_V_meanenough     TNC_V_lastminute     TNC_V_resolutionspart1     TNC_V_tallnsqueezy     TNC_V_patiencerunningdry     TNC_V_differentholidayseason     TNC_V_naturalbeautiesofourtimes     TNC_V_resolutionspart2     TNC_V_updating     TNC_V_slugz_freeze     TNC_V_onethousandconditions     TNC_V_curlz&curvz     TNC_V_currrrlzzz     TNC_V_tallgirlstalk     TNC_V_grumpycat     TNC_V_roomiesmemories     TNC_V_lydia     TNC_V_bichons     TNC_V_supermarket     TNC_V_threatened     TNC_V_dampydancing     TNC_V_valentinesdayecards     TNC_V_simpleneasy     TNC_V_watermarks     TNC_V_theride     TNC_V_IWD     TNC_V_moodyveggie     TNC_V_shortiesshrink     TNC_V_goodmorningkitty     TNC_V_shortncurly     TNC_V_DIY     TNC_V_nervepuffing     TNC_V_thankyou     TNC_V_sardines     TNC_V_1800     TNC_V_beentheredonethat
TNC_V_mothersday      TNC_V_dejavucurls     TNC_V_imtall     TNC_V_doyoudomykindofhair     TNC_V_SCB     TNC_V_ncfathersday     TNC_V_frizz     TNC_V_pros&cons     TNC_V_annoyingday     TNC_V_shorbff     TNC_V_boyfriendsmistakes    TNC_V_shortmenaces      TNC_V_samejustdifferent     TNC_V_loveislove    TNC_V_lifeonmycurlyplanet

TNC_V_mywetenemy     TNC_V_fishtank     TNC_V_mindyourownbusiness     TNC_V_atallgirlslifeamazingquestions     TNC_V_happycurlyween     TNC_V_curlykinkyhairfordummies     TNC_V_icanreadyourfutureinyourhair     TNC_V_happyhafroween     TNC_berries     TNC_V_amellarrieux     TNC_V_30years     TNC_V_everygirlsisbornwithabrain     TNC_V_invisible     TNC_V_highlights     TNC_V_1800tallncurly     TNC_V_jupiterascending     TNC_V_bewareofthefakefriend     TNC_V_dovesrelease     TNC_V_myhairissohappy     TNC_V_happynewyear     TNC_V_christmasgifts     TNC_V_rapunzel     TNC_V_skiing     TNC_V_manorwoman     TNC_V_postoffice     TNC_V_schoolgossip     TNC_V_livelovelaugh     TNC_V_ouch     TNC_V_dosomethingaboutit     TNC_V_themysteryofthebobbypins     TNC_V_aprilfoolsday     TNC_V_shoppingwithyourshortbff     TNC_V_aprilfoolsday2     TNC_V_doctorg     hair

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19 thoughts on “All the posts

  1. I love your blog!! I have gone through so much that you have shown (the hair scenarios, not the tall ones, I’m a shorty :)). I have subscribed and am so ready to share! :)

  2. Love it! Even though my hair struggles aren’t exactly the same I can definitely relate! Especially when it comes to miracle products, wash day, rain and the humidity! Keep doing what you’re doing! I also love the website naturallycurly, thats actually what brought me here! Curly Girls Rock!

  3. You have literally documented my life in comic form! I know people who are tall, and I know people who have curly hair. I don’t know anyone (besides my mother) who has both like me. 5′ 9″ with crazy curly hair. Oh, and I had a funny moment you will appreciate.

    short roommate with wavy hair: do you brush your hair?

    Me: only in the shower

    short roommate with wavy hair: well, i was reading that studies show that if you brush your hair dry with curyly hair, wit will help the overall health of your hair.

    Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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