Strange things from the past: 22 Things People Who Were Born Before The ’90s Will Understand

As an ’80s kid, I’m often nostalgic about that era. I sometimes hear myself speaking and I sound like my grandparents when they bragged about how things were better “before.”
To be honest, I do think things were better before. 😝 The 80s and the 90s were an amazing time to live in and anyone who disagrees simply wasn’t around yet. 😍
But let’s be honest, some things are just so much easier now, right? The internet, cellphones, Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam…

I created this comic series because some things are better now and some things were better then.
I had a blast making it. It was a little travel back in time and I hope you’ll travel with me! 😊

The full comic is available on

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