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30 years of little girls learning dance moves from music videos


Tall N Curly - 30 years of little girls learning dance moves from music videos - Sexualization of girls and women in the media

This comic take you in a journey through music videos from the three past decades and shows the hypersexualization of girls and women in the media.

Hypersexualization of women in the media

Alloy Apparel

Some people might think I’m old fashioned. Some young people might think I’m a very old woman who spends her time saying things like “In the good old days…” with a shaky voice. Some other might even think I walk around all day long without makeup, wearing turtlenecks and long dark ankle length skirts. It’s fine with me.

It won’t change the fact that what I see and hear everyday on TV and on the radio sometimes drives me to despair.

I’m not against women showing their beauty and bodies. I think it’s empowering for every girl and woman to see another woman who is proud and confident. A woman who is aware of her beauty, who is not ashamed of her body. We need women like this, especially nowadays when every woman is taught to have complexes from the cradle. But to me, pride and confidence comes with self-respect.

The problem is, through hypersexualization, what the media constantly sells us – and our daughters – is the idea that our worth is based on our sexiness and looks alone, that our worth is based on our ability to always give away more and more of ourselves and to have no limits of any kind, to prove everyone how “free”, “cool” and “confident” we are, when in fact, all it teaches us is to be weak and submissive.

You might also want to read the post I wrote after reading some of the reactions to this comic around the web : Every girl is born with a brain : my answer to young ladies who think I’m being too alarmist.


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